Energy Changes

Part 2

Another favourite activity. My students get curious and excited when they see a bull’s eye target and rubber bands. Another game? Oh yes! Play first, teach later? Another yes!

Boys and girls alike, they like it when there is an outlet to “shoot” rubber bands. Tried and tested with different batches yearly and the results are consistent.

Step 1:

*ADULT: help to draw or print a target board and paste on a wall.

Step 2

*CHILD: takes a rubber band. Either using hands or a ruler, he/she aims at the target and shoot. Distance between the child and the target varies.

*OBSERVE: where and how the rubber band hit.

Step 3:

*LINK: Prior knowledge is needed.

Chemical Potential Energy

Kinetic Energy

Gravitational Potential Energy

Heat Energy

Sound Energy

*CHILD: guide child to think what energy changes has taken place as he/she aims and throws the paper aeroplane.

To test for final understanding, always encourage them to draw a concept map.