Forces | Frictional Force

Feeling hungry? Sorry, no eating in class!

*Preparation: Simple ingredients (pasta shapes, oil, chopsticks, bowls, tray) that you can find in your pantry. Please help to assemble this for your child.

Step 1:

– Get your child to grip the pasta shapes with a pair of chopsticks.

– Get your child to think why he/she is able to grip the pasta shapes? (friction between the chopsticks and the pasta shapes)

Step 2:

– Play a game and get your child to time his/her speed gripping the pasta shapes.

– His time taken was 53s.

Step 3:

– Repeat the steps, this time, adding oil.

– His time taken was 1m03s.

Always do a review on each hands on, asking your child what he has seen or touched.

Make your child do a simple concept map and draw comparisons between the 2 experiments.