Lion 姑姑(Aunt)?

Taught my 2 darling nephews when E1 was in p2 and E2 was in K2. I was apprehensive to tutor them as I can be quite strict in fleshing out my expectations. Had a few private messages from my brother that I was a tad harsh on the boys, not in terms of scolding, but in terms of work requirements. Yes, I’m a stickler for neat work, workings, presentation of answers and checking of work. But he sees the results at the end of the day. ‘Nuff said. My brother and sil were proud that E2 had 3rd in class, something they had not thought possible. E1 is smart too. I joked that E1 should start with me when he was in p1. Anyhow, I am sure E1 will do well in his p4 next year, under the claws of his Lion 姑姑. 😎 Satisfied with E1 sa2 results. His subjects all improved, pity the English in sa1. His carelessness caused him a lot of marks lost, but he picked himself up at the later part. My nagging reaped rewards, at least. I am happy with his Science too, that he has met my expectations. Math was unexpectedly exceeded my expectations. If he had done equally well in sa1, he would have gotten a position too. Keep it up! E2 math was a resounding success. He did not like math at all and he did not like to count. Got to think of ways to engage him and get him interested. Efforts paid off too, as he hit the bull’s eye of full marks.  Overall, both boys are smart in their own rights, just got to find the right angle to help them develop their strengths. My sil told me to continue to set the bar high for them. What do we have when a Lion Mum and a Lion Aunt add up to? 🤣 Kidding, we all have to find a balance to manage children stress levels too. Praying for wisdom to instil the right values for all my students. 

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