2018 – Cells Under Scrutiny (p6 Science)

Cells lesson was the main focus for this last p6 class. I like how the classes are tailored to cater to the learning needs of my students. What works for one class may not be effective for the other. I’m thankful for the space to do it.

Got them to look through the eyepiece of the microscope and sketch what they see inside. Hard to follow instructions as students are used to give model answers. I rejected their work till they gave me what I wanted.

The microscope is not the detailed one used in labs and schools, so the magnification powers are definitely not clear enough to observe chloroplasts and other smaller parts often seen in Google images. And when they drew those, I know they are giving me textbook answers. Children need to be trained to observe what they see and record, not what they learnt and record. It’s one of the real world skills I’m helping them to sharpen.

Below are 2 examples of plant cells that they observed.

I can’t get tired of looking at these beautiful slides. Mesmerising to me!


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