K1/K2 June Prog 2018 Day 2

The second day progressed with much fun-fare. They could not wait to do the next activity!   Day 2 – Crayon Melting! I have done this many times before, and it never fails to amazes my students from kindy to P6. Using the same materials, I can easily spin different lessons to cater to the different age groups. For this age group, it is just fun combined with writing. Here we go! Again, nothing new, going through with them the materials needed, steps to do and off they went to get their hands on some experiential learning. I strongly believe by learning with their hands, they learn with their hearts too.     Getting children to complete manageable tasks help to build up their confidence level as well as increase their responsibilities that they are given. I warned them not to touch the heating pan and be careful. Other than that, they were encouraged to break the used crayons and dropped them into the heating pan. Never belittle little children, as they are fully capable to following instructions. Of course, adult supervision is needed.     The first colour chosen was red, as they wanted red apple shaped crayons. They were careful, they broke the used crayons, dropped the bits into the heating pan and stirred the liquid. I did the last step of scooping the liquid and pouring the melted crayon into the silicon tray. The subsequent colours were green and yellow. Make a guess on the fruits they wanted!     While waiting for the crayons to harden again, we went back to the room to complete their writing. They kept asking and checking if the crayons were done. Slide9 After removing the solidified crayons, they were breathtaking! The children got to witness how the old and discarded crayons got transformed into beautiful pieces of art! I reminded them to tell their siblings these were inedible.     After completing their writing, they went on to using some crayons to colour their art work. They did not bear to use their new crayons, so they used the old crayons for that part. Before that, they read again, a piece of their completed writing confidently. Slide14 Lesson ended and they had fun!        
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