Reboot Holiday Programme 2020 | Regular Classes 2021

2020 is the year of adapting to multiple changes within a short span, forcing every one of his comfort zone. It is also a time where most students struggle to keep up with the school’s syllabus and their exam results have dipped. We do not blame them, we tell our parents, as they have missed out certain milestones in their academic year. Parents understand, and with that, even more so, our parents request for holiday programmes, regular lessons or anything to help their children stay on track.

Thus, we came up with two different initiatives. One is the Reboot Holiday Programme 2020, and the other will be our Regular Classes 2021. Below will be a short description of the programmes.

The circle indicates the Regular Classes 2021. The cute icon refers to the Reboot Holiday Programme 2020. The images are quite self explanatory. Regular Classes 2021 starts first, and more details on the classes will be reverted for parents who are keen to register their children in. 

Let us talk about the Reboot Holiday Programme 2020 first. There are 5 sessions for both English and Science in this programme. Parents are encouraged to register for the full 5 lessons, in order for their children to grasp the contents and skills required for each subject. However, there is no hard and fast rule. Should any of you desire to try out one lesson before deciding, we leave this option open, just check against the 2 calendar images attached above. Drop us a message on the full rates, as we do give a little discount for siblings and referrals, and other any enquiries. 

As for the Regular Classes 2021, we will be giving a little head start on what to expect for the following year. Regular classes will NOT BE the same as the holiday programme, as the lesson structure and coverage is different.

Below is a skimmed summary:

Look at the calendar schedule..

The circled dates are our Regular Classes 2021.

The dates with the cute icons are our Reboot Holiday Programme 2020.

Check against the dates you are available for either programmes.

For Regular Classes 2021, please give us a message to discuss the dates/timing.

For Reboot Holiday Programme 2020, choose the timing/subject(s) available in 1.5h blocks.

One lesson full rate.

5 lessons 5% off total.

10 lessons 15% off total.

PM us to enquire on siblings/ referral incentives.

Q&A below

Q1: WHY group the different ages together?

A1: A common logistic issue for parents with more than a child. Some parents have asked the possibility of rooming their children together due to logistics reasons. So here we are to help lighten their load. Hence, a modular programme is birthed just for that. We find it hard to specify the classes/time/subjects/levels like our regular classes as the holiday period is such that we need our own respite and time off, thus a free and easy booking of slots is the most viable option. Also, many parents are unwilling to commit to weekly lessons due to holiday plans too. Thus, this model suits the needs of everyone!

Q2: HOW will this be effective since some ages are quite far apart?

A2: Learning is definitely still possible, as the activities done at the beginning of every lesson is packed with hands on activities. The later part will then ease into a differentiated setting, where different age groups will complete tasks according to their levels. As the class size per slot is small, we are able to ensure your child is engaged in their work throughout. It is also healthy to mix different ages together occasionally to sharpen their interpersonal skills, a platform where students also mingle and co-operate with one another.

Q3: WHAT lessons are covered? Will the topics be repeated?

A3: We do not repeat lessons and activities done, except on the same days. For example, Activity A (English) will be repeated on 1030am, 230pm, 530pm slots on Monday. Activity B (Science) will be repeated on 9am, 1pm, 4pm slots on Monday. Both Activities A and B will not be repeated on other dates anymore. Thus, be assured of the different activities crafted out daily.

Q4: WHAT programmes are available?

A4: For English, we focus on the writing aspects. Looking at the MOE guidelines, more emphasis has been placed in oral and written skills, and with the limited exposure students get to write in schools, we are here to plug in the gap and support. Writing is a life long commitment, and with this objective, we believe in setting the foundation right from the start. Click on the short clip attached.

For Science, we like to engage our students to start loving the subject as young as possible. Although Science is taught from Primary Three, most kindergartens do start exposing their charges to simple Science experiments. So we thought, why not us too? Ignite their spatial awareness to have a deeper foundation. Click on the short clip attached.

Q5: HOW about payment / rules & regulations?


– choice to select and choose the dates and time available, according to your schedule.

– a minimum of 3 pax is needed to start.

– parents who like to have a trial class pays the full rate. 

– payment to be made prior to lessons once slots are confirmed.

– there is no refund except case to case basis.

– materials and snacks are provided.

Please drop us a PM at 91287376 for rates, discounts and incentives.