Primary Science is no walk in the park for most of my students. Yes, I am able to engage them in experimental hands on and other interesting materials, but the crunch and final nail is dependent on the end of their P6 journey, the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). With this in mind, students, by now, should be equipped with the necessary skills to help them tackle most Science questions accumulated since Primary 3. 

Thus, in my course, I will be touching on specific skills and drills to align my students to attempt the Science questions confidently. There are many teaching methods, framework (from schools, tuition centres, including mine) out there. I always tell my students, be open minded and learn all the skills taught, and find one that suits you the most. How to tell? By the results. That is, real life experimenting and analyzing data. 

To give a quick example: highlighting important contextual clues. I did an actual ‘experiment’. I allowed my students to complete one set of exam paper without highlights, and one with. We marked and graded in class. As a result, my students were able to witness for themselves the difference at the end of the day. They were convinced and more willing to work towards a better grade. Thus, without further ado, let me run through my course outline.

In this module, I will be using my R.I.S.E.N framework. There are many others out there. Most schools use C.E.R (claim, evidence, reason) for example. It does not matter which your child chooses to use, because, at the end of the day, most framework skills emphasize on key answers. 

I will be showing how RISEN can be be used to apply in all of the Science questions. There is no trick nor gimmick. The catch is your child needs to be able to apply the framework appropriately to see results. Below are some extracts to have an idea. 

a) This is part of the lesson notes, just to briefly show the students what to look out for and not lose marks carelessly.

3) I will be using my curated book series: Science Q&A Study Notes (Lower Block & Upper Block) to run through questions in class. More samples can be viewed here: 

Q&A Study Notes (PSLE VERSION)

4) Science Checklist Analysis:

This is useful if you have no idea how to help your child identify his/her topic weakness/es. This sheet gives a helicopter view at a glance. I will also touch on this.

NOTE: I will reinforce the CLTs: ie, under Interactions, Living Together, Food chains/webs and adaptations are removed.

5) Last and final note, for this Course, expect minimal or no homework, as time is already very tight and limited, and your child is very stretched. I believe in paced learning, and learning should be fun and enjoyable to see maximized results. Thus, for the lessons, I will be using my book, and focusing the important aspects they should take note of, do some seat work over class, and that is it. They are just to revise and apply what they have learnt in school, tuition or independent work. I will of course, follow up with messages to keep track. However, it is compulsory for them to annotate and make notes whilst the lessons are ongoing. I will periodically check on their work.

For my first lesson, I will do a short quiz on all the topics tested (p3-6), so that your child knows the pitfalls and reinforce. I will be using Kahoots! to interest and engage them, so will require parents to have an additional device and prepare the application. It is a free download. Below is an example. For parents who are familiar with Kahoots!, this platform is effective to test your child while playing.

Interest To Register:

I am keeping this course to a maximum of 10 participants only. This ensures there is sufficient time to have a ’round robin’ discussion, space for each student to absorb and apply what they have learnt, and ample ‘air time’ for the participants to engage with me. I will test them on the spot to ensure learning takes place effectively for them.

Course Duration: 7 sessions

Option 1: Saturdays: 14 Aug, 21 Aug, 28 Aug, 4 Sept, 11 Sept, 18 Sept, 25 Sept 

Timing: 9-10am / 2-3pm (you may revert me with other timings. If there is enough demand, will open)

Option 2: Sundays: 15 Aug, 22 Aug, 29 Aug, 5 Sept, 12 Sept, 19 Sept, 26 Sept

Timing: 2-3pm (fixed)

Option 3: Mondays: 16 Aug, 23 Aug, 30 Aug, 6 Sept, 13 Sept, 20 Sept ,27 Sept

Timing: 630-730pm (fixed)

Course fees: $280 per participant (strictly limited for 10 pax only) 

Terms & Conditions:

As this course is specially designed for students who are really focused and motivated to learn, and want to have a breakthrough in their scores, please consider the above dates, and ensure your child is able to attend ALL sessions before signing up. There will be no make up classes, and no refund of lessons. Recorded videos are subjective to changes, due to the PDDA law. Even if recorded videos are released, they will not be the full duration in case there are any sensitive remarks or unnecessary comments made by the participants. I will make the final decision and discretion. In any case your child is unwell or unable to attend, I may make exceptions to correspond via short calls, email or WhatsApp messages. More details will be added later.

Please, also do note that only the lesson notes/questions from my materials will be covered over the lessons. I am not obligated to answer any other questions from your child’s school/tuition work. 

Payment Details & How To Secure your slot:

Send a WA to 91287376 with the phrase: PSLE Science Finale to book your slots.

You will receive a confirmation when your booking is successful.

You will then Paynow $280 to 91287376 (Shirleen Tan) ONLY when you receive a message from me to confirm.

Screenshot your payment details and wait for the final confirmation.

NOTE: Course needs a minimum of 5 participants to commence. A full refund will be made if course is cancelled.

Course Materials & Instructions:

There are two ways to obtain my teaching materials.

Number 1: Google drive

A shared Google folder link will be sent to you once payment is confirmed.

Download the materials in the folder (students handouts labelled according to the lessons).

Print them out to prepare for your children.


Number 2: WhatsApp Chat

A broadcast list will be created, NOT a chat group for PDDA reasons.

PDF files will be then be dropped directly to your personal mobile number via broadcast.

Print them out to prepare for your children.

I will decide and confirm the platform to use once the workshop registration is closed.


As a final note, all my teaching materials in this course are subjected to copyright and strictly limited to use for this PSLE Science Finale workshop only. My current students do not have these materials at all, so I hope you are able to respect this by not sharing the materials around.

Thank you for your kind attention, and I am looking forward to see your child!