3rd February 2022

Dear parents,

It is time to review the lesson delivery. I have been giving serious thoughts as quite a few parents are asking about the resumption of face-to-face classes, and these are my constraints:

a) If I were to resume face to face, I would need to enforce some measures as I have young children in my place, and I need to consider their safety. I am also the sole teacher, and if anything should happen to me, I will be down, and no replacement teachers will cover my lessons. I will feel primarily responsible should any students get infected or affected in one way or another.

b) Lesson rates will be higher than the current rates (I will revert to those who chose this option when f2f classes are allowed) due to the risks exposed by my family and me.

c) ART swabs to be done and shown to me before lessons.

d) Preference for students to be vaccinated. (My husband, helper, and I have our booster jabs while my two sons have gone through their first jabs).

e) In case of any close contact or covid case notification from my boys’ schools or any of your children’s schools, I will have to suspend lessons immediately and send them back. They are to wait outside my unit if helpers or other caregivers pick them up. As such, attendance is still considered as present, and there will be no offset of lesson fees.

f) As I will need to physically ensure students are well, do note time is used to manage safety measures as well.

My sincere apologies for enforcing the above, as my situation is tricky due to the 5 pax rule per house per day, and my boys’ schools and my husband’s workplace also have had recent covid cases.

I understand we need to live as an endemic society, but simply put, I do not have any resources or admin help to manage any situation. And the time used to ensure the safety and well being of students physically, I would rather use the time to teach. Pre-covid days were just come, attend classes and leave. Now the SOP is come, take temperature/check art kits/trace together/wipe down (easily 20-30 min gone).

Thus, for parents who prefer face-to-face, I am so sorry I am unable to provide at the moment, considering the safety of my family members, and the reluctance to waste unnecessary time during lessons for the safety measures. I do understand some children are not suitable for zoom, or parents have a strong preference for f2f classes. In this case, you may wish to look for alternatives to provide a better learning environment for your children. For parents who choose to stay and partner with me over zoom, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I will strive my best and stay committed to ensuring your children benefit the most from zoom lessons, and the more important factors, to see improvement in terms of results and good study habits.

Moving on with the government measures, when the pax per day is more relaxed, or the situation turns better, I will definitely have the option of resuming face-to-face for those who wish to.

Pls, reach out to me if you have any other concerns.

Thank you for your time, and once again, happy new year!


Shirleen 🌱

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28th Dec 2021

Dear parents,

Please refer to the text via whatsapp on important announcements regarding 2022 lessons.

As mentioned, materials are chargeable. You may check them out here.

Dear parents,

After weighing my options, I have decided to move my lessons over to Zoom and review termly. My initial plan is to start physical classes from Jan 2022 slowly, but I decide to hold any plans with the new Omicron variant. I understand some tuition centres or even small group home classes are starting physical lessons.

Below are my reasons:

1) I run and manage everything, from lesson preparation – printing, sorting, materials, to teaching and marking.

2) In case of any Close Contact Tracing orders or Covid positive cases from my family or my students, I do not have the logistics or manpower to handle trace calls or inform parents, unlike bigger tuition centers. Also, if any student or my family member is affected, I will have to place all classes over zoom, and I foresee the logistics and lessons will be disruptive. With regards to this, I sincerely do not want anything to happen to my students, especially there is no vaccination for children under 12 yet.

Thus, I will review the situation termly and adjust accordingly.

Henceforth, parents whose children are in my existing classes or making inquiries, please note you have to be comfortable with my decision. While Zoom is not the best form of lesson delivery, I stay committed to ensuring your child benefits from all lessons and stays engaged.

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