I am so glad I pushed for my Oral SBC Finale Webinar on National Day. Credits to Kainetik (Kai Meng, Eric, Jun Hong), I was able to put my materials together in a short time frame and the rest is history.


Parents flooded me with messages, expressing their gratitude and happiness that their children were prepared for the topic and questions given (check out the testimonials below). One of the questions was on recycling, and that hit the sweet spot for all who attended my webinar. 


Again, I was stoked by the influx of text messages poured in. Based on the recount from my students (NOTE: not the actual PSLE questions asked), the two questions that I covered came out. 

Recount Question 1: monitoring phone usage (My version: screen time)

Recount Question 2: are study schedules useful? (My version: cultivate good study habits)

I am flattered that many parents thanked me for predicting the questions, but that is far from the truth. I do not predict questions, nor trend set any topics, etc. Call me old school, but I prefer to expose my students to a wide variety of topics instead, to prepare them that come what may, they are able to handle any situation. As the saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”. 

Additionally, I do not believe in ‘model answers’ for Oral SBC conversations, as that would not make conversations ‘engaging’, ‘authentic’, and ‘reliable’. As summarised by a parent, my skills teach them to be society-ready, a real-life skill. 

We are so glad the PSLE Oral is over! Let us move on to the next phase of PSLE, and continue to roar, little tigers of 2022!