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Dear parents

I seek your understanding on the following matters:

1) Should your child not be able to attend the lesson, and notice was only given a day before or on the day itself, a charge of either a full/half rate of the lesson will apply.

This is because I have a maximum number of students in the class for teaching effectiveness, and your child’s spot could have been taken by another student.

2) I do understand that some unforeseen circumstances might happen (e.g. your child is unwell or an urgent family matter arises). Please reach out to me if so. We will have a conversation about it on a case-by-case basis to consider the options.

3) Unfortunately due to limited scheduling, I cannot commit to make-up lessons at this point of time as there are different classes happening everyday.

4) If your child miss a lesson, questions related to that particular lesson, topics and homework via Slack or Whatsapp will not be answered.

All in all, it’ll be hard to maintain the quality of lesson deliveries and also to ensure your child is on track with his/her progress when these incidents occured. I am always open to discussion should you need to have a conversation with me. I aim to create a fair and mutual understanding here.

I sincerely hope for your cooperation so that we can make your child’s learning journey a smooth one.


*do note that the materials printed are in black and white

  • English Term 4
  • English Term 3
  • English Term 2
  • English Term 1
  • Science
English Term 4

Learning English Vol 2 (97 pages)

Compo Writing 1 (4 pages)

Compo Writing 2 (4 pages)

Compo Writing 3 (4 pages)

Compo Writing 4 (4 pages)

Compo Writing 5 (4 pages)

English Term 3

Learning English Vol 1 (52 pages)

Synthesis & Transformation (22 pages)

Writing Well Compo Book (11 pages)

Fables Craft Writing (6 pages)

Daily Grammar (18 pages)

Cloze & Compre OE Practice (9 pages)

Caption This (10 pages)

English Term 2

Phrasal Verbs (120 pages)

Synthesis & Transformation (22 pages)

Writing Well Compo Book (11 pages)

Fables Craft Writing (6 pages)

Cloze and Compre OE Practice (9 pages)

Daily Warm Up (18 pages)

Vocab Bursts (2 pages)

English Term 1

1 Set of Descriptive Phrases (56 Pages)

1 Set of Grammar Grams (10 pages)

1 Set of Picture Descriptions (25 pages)

1 Creative Writing (11 pages)

1 Set of English Scrapbook (28 pages)

1 Set of Daily Warm Up Grammar (18 pages)

1 Fable Craft Writing (6 pages)

1 Vocab Practice For Upper Primary (700 questions)


1 Set of Science Scrapbook

(120 Pages)

1 Set of Science Lower Block Version P3-P4

(71 Pages)

1 Set of Science Upper Block Investigative Tasks

(60 Pages)

1 Set of Science Upper Block OEQs

(200 Pages)

1 Set of Science Fill-In-Blanks Version P3-P6

(142 Pages)

1 Set of Science Lower Block Investigative Tasks

(88 Pages)

1 Set of Science Upper Block Version P5-P6

(169 Pages)

1 Set of Science Lower Block OEQs

(130 Pages)

· All classes are subjective to changes

(based on the schedule of the majority of my students)

· Ability-grouped: English classes are of mixed levels.

I will assess your child’s ability and match them to the best class mix. 

(Eg: P1&2 mix, P3&4 mix)

(Currently, I have a P4 student attending a P6 level, a P2 student attending a P3 level, a P3 student attending a P2 level)

Zoom Meeting ID: 323-720-6033 / Password: 026161

English focus (skills): 

1)     Oral (P.E.G technique)

2)     Compo Writing (S.C.E.N.T.S technique)

3)     Comprehension Open Ended (B.R.I.N.G technique)

*Other components like grammar, vocabulary, editing, synthesis and transformation will be weaved in the lessons intermittently. 

Science focus:

1)     Experimental based hand- on activities 

2)     Open-ended questions (OEQs) related questions are taught using my R.I.S.E.N technique.

With the current Covid situation, students now have the option to attend online/on-site (depends on current news from the government). All lessons are capped maximum to of between 8-10 pax to ensure the effectiveness of the lessons. Please click the WA icon below for further enquiries.

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