D.A.R.T & T.A.S.E.R English Resource Book (PSLE Version)

Introducing our DART & TASER English Resource Book (PSLE Version). This power packed Resource Book covers Oral (Reading & Situational Based Conversation/SBC), Composition Writing and Comprehension Open-Ended. We included a BONUS section at the end of the book too. This book was compiled after years of experience from our founder, and as Rome is not built within a day, this book is beneficial to walk your child through the valleys of technicalities and into the streams of success! We used these exact methods for our English June Holiday Programme 2018 effortlessly.
  1. Oral Tips:
A full detailed explanation on how to maintain your child’s confidence in front of the PSLE Oral examiners. 3 simple tips! Slide2 2. D.A.R.T Your Composition Writing: Just follow our 4 strategies diligently, and your child will see improvement in his/her writing. Below is a real extract from one of our P6 boys, who was able to write a paragraph filled with descriptive phrases. That is what examiners want to see, and this is always our aim to help our students flaunt their writing skills. Slide3 3. T.A.S.E.R Your Comprehension Open-Ended: We have to be honest. This IS the hardest to get our students to commit to, as the work is hard and laborious. But with persistence, and lots of reasoning with them, 90% of our students were converted. They find it easier to hit a high 15/20 overall in this section, and once they see results, they are motivated to follow our methods. We have to be patient on our part, just like watering seeds for the seedlings to grow. That sense of satisfaction when there are results keep us going! Slide4Slide5Slide6 4. BONUS Section: This is what we always do in our regular classes. Making use of newspaper articles to help our students in learning, the non-routine way. This has been very effective so far, and parents thank us for making lessons come alive for their children, to make them read the papers. Slide7 Celest testi Drop us a message @ 91287376 for further details. =)



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