Free Teaching Resource – English D.A.R.T For Compo Writing (Descriptive Phrases)

We came up with our D.A.R.T strategies after witnessing batches of our P6 students struggling to add suitable descriptive phrases in their composition writing. This easy to remember tactics are not new, and we are sure there are many dedicated teachers whose strategies are similar to ours, but it is the reinforcement and the consistency from the students’ efforts, that make the difference. What we did is to pull our years of teaching experiences together into an easy to remember mnemonic for our students to practice on. We will start off with our first strategy, D – Descriptive Phrases. We believe in application after learning. Memorizing of descriptive phrases are useless if they are phrased in the incorrect context. Thus, at Sowing Seedz, we ensure our students know what they are writing, and we always start from the basics, getting them to write out simple sentences from the descriptive phrases we had given to them. The above free teaching resource is taken and adapted from various sources, and we included in our own flavor. Encourage your child to write out similar sentences with the descriptive phrases (in bold). Remember, this takes practice and one cannot expect to see results immediately. We will be rolling out our comprehensive D.A.R.T booklet out soon. LIKE our FB to get the latest information.

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