Free Teaching Resource: Q&A Study Notes – Cycles (PSLE Version)

How To Use Q&A Study Notes:
  • Read the question
  • Highlight key words
  • Identify Qn topic
  • Brainstorm key answers in mind
  • Jot them down beside
  • Write down full answers with the key words
  • Double check again
  • Refer to TIPS in the Teaching Resource above
How We Use:
  • For our teaching methods, first, we make sure our students highlight key words as they are reading the questions. This helps them focus on what is needed. (NOTE: for highlighting, it is not inclusive of using highlighters only. Other coloured markers or even different coloured pens work fine. This makes no excuse for them not to highlight)
  • Next, we get our students to identify the main topics tested (DICES – Diversity, Interactions, Cycles, Energy, Systems), then the sub topics. From the example above, the question we have dissected is “Cycles- Life Cycle”. From there, students will have a rough idea how to answer around the topic given, and not answer unnecessarily.
  • Under our TIPS section, we also caution our students what, how and when to answer to earn the maximum marks.
  • As a summary, this takes a lot of effort on your child to practice, and with consistent revision, your child is able to handle most of the questions in the OEQ section for their PSLE Science.
  • Try it!
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