Free Teaching Resource: Step By Step To Answer OEQs

We were going through some skills and drills for our Science lesson. One of our teaching methods is to ‘dissect’ the question into a few parts for our students to see visually.

The question shows a diagram of the life cycle of a mosquito. The question that follows is “Which part of the life cycle of the mosquito is difficult to kill and why.”

With that, we teach our students to identify the key words in the questions. Next, we walk through the key answers with our students, and getting them to jot down in a form of a flow chart. Lastly, we get them to string their key answers in their own words. We do not believe in memorizing model answers, but are firm believers in instilling a strong sense of key words and logic, which will flow to a proper answer. Many students miss that skill and lose many precious marks.

Again, this skill takes time and to perfect a skill, that takes practice. If a child wants to show improvement, a procedural process thinking is necessary to achieve much success. Just like sowing a seed. =)

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