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    Course Details    

Use this March holiday break to realign and refocus the demands of writing a proper composition from start to end.

In this short workshop, your child will:

  • master how to use my Story Plot Flow for any given composition topics.
  • create interesting story plots with realistic plot twists and suspense.
  • understand how PSLE markers grade composition pieces.

This workshop aims to instill confidence in students who lack a flair for writing. Many students are not equipped with the specific skill sets to create stories.

Following recent health and safety regulations, all classes will be conducted via Zoom.

Monday, 11 March 2023 - Wednesday, 13 March 2023


Either 9.00 am - 10.30 am


2.00 pm - 3.30 pm

(Please indicate your preferred timing. I will only open ONE slot or BOTH, based on the demand.)


$180 per participant (limited to 15 pax only) 

• Or send a Whatsapp to 91287376 with the phrase: PSLE 2024 AL1 COMPO to book your slots.

• You will receive a confirmation when your booking is successful.

• You will then Paynow to 91287376 (Shirleen Tan) ONLY when you receive a message from me to confirm.

• Screenshot your payment details and wait for the final confirmation.

•Note: total payment will be dependent on the Course fees and add ons.

Workshop will commence with a min of 8 pax. A FULL refund will be made otherwise.

Materials and zoom link will be provided after the course is confirmed.

    Terms & Conditions    

As this course is specially designed for students who are really focused and motivated to learn more about this holiday programme, and want to have a breakthrough in their scores, please consider the lesson dates, and ensure your child is able to attend ALL sessions before signing up.

There will be no make-up classes, and no refund of lessons. Recorded videos are subjective to changes, due to the PDPA law. Even if recorded videos are released, they will not be the full duration in case there are any sensitive remarks or unnecessary comments made by the participants. I will make the final decision and discretion. In any case your child is unwell or unable to attend, I may make exceptions to correspond via short calls, email or WhatsApp messages. More details will be added later. 

Course Materials & Instructions:

-       A broadcast list will be created, NOT a chat group for PDPA reasons. Please save my mobile so you are able to receive broadcast messages. 

-       To check your children's answers, please assist in taking snap shots and PDF the files to me, and I will mark accordingly. The files will then be sent back to your personal mobile, not via the broadcast.

-       Please allow 3-5 working days (unless otherwise stated) for the marking of worksheets and sample guide uploads. 

Note: For the first lesson, there is no need to do any work, but encourage your children to read through the materials to get ready. From the second lesson onwards, I will require your children to prepare the questions inside my handouts, so discussions can be swift and prompt. As this is an interactive course, students are expected to prepare their work before lesson commences. 

As a final note, all my teaching materials in this course are subjected to copyright and strictly limited to use for this workshop only. My current students do not have these materials at all, so I hope you can respect this by not sharing the materials around. Please also note that the course fees include only the handouts, and not the suggested guides. The suggested guides are part of the course when students go through the lessons with me.

Thank you for your kind attention, and I am looking forward to see your child!


Shirleen Tan (Sowing Seedz)

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