9 AUGUST 2023

9.30AM - 10.30AM


Is your child ready to tackle the Stimulus-based Conversations (SBC) segment of the English Oral exams on 15/16 August 2023?

Would you like to know how you can help boost your child’s confidence for PSLE English Oral Stimulus-Based Conversation (SBC) with just about 30 minutes of effort per day in her final preparations?

Teacher Shirleen will show you and your child how to do that in this webinar.

Using 10 topics carefully curated from top schools’ exams, she will demonstrate how to apply her simple but effective P.E.G framework, so that your child can increase their chance of scoring full marks for SBC.

It is impossible to predict what topics will appear in PSLE. Nonetheless, based on her observations, Teacher Shirleen has compiled 10 topics, with 10 questions each, for your child to practice after the webinar.

You can download these 10 topics and the webinar slides at the end of the event.

What you will learn during the session:

  • the Dos & Don’ts of answering questions
  • tips to overcome the fear of looking at the examiners
  • proper posture and presentation
  • ten case studies, carefully curated
  • quick recap of the P.E.G framework

At the end of the event, will also bring with you:

  • PDF slides for this webinar available for download.
  • Exclusive PDF Oral topics from my own curation over the years for topics exposure and practice.
  • Compilation of over 100 question differentiation prompts (NO answers) for practice.

For further enquiries, please contact Sowing Seedz Admin via whatsapp at 87516800.

Teacher Shirleen has been teaching English and Science for over 15 years. For English, she specializes in Primary School Composition, SBC Oral skills, and Comprehension of Open-ended questions. Through the years, she has curated teaching materials exclusively used in her small group lessons.

She has started her own teaching brand under Sowing Seedz and posted various effective teaching methods, and shared valuable tips to enhance a better learning experience for her students. Many students have benefitted from her lessons based on the solid testimonials posted on her website, Facebook page, and Instagram. Besides teaching regular classes, she also holds multiple holiday workshops, which are always full. 

Her recently published books, Writing AL1 PSLE Compositions and Complete Study Guide AL1 PSLE Science (Lower & Upper Block), are in Popular bookstores and Shopee, with positive feedback.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.