P4 Science, B / 2017

SA2 results are out and grades are to be printed out in the annual report books. Deal is already done and sealed. For this post, we are going to share some of our students’ achievements. Yes, there are hits, and there are misses. There are those who achieved beyond expectations within a short time and there are those who have no improvement and even dropped in their grades. Despite the results, we are nonetheless proud of their efforts. There is always a learning point to learn, and to keep on improving. We have no answer for those who did not do well. They could be nervous or fearful. We encouraged them to keep the faith in themselves and work even harder towards their goals. It’s not the end of the road when they met with roadblocks. Make a detour or find another at way out. We are not going to pretend that all our students did well. Some did, and some didn’t. We believe this is part and parcel of life. That’s why we do not promise parents we will make a miracle of their children’s results, but we definitely will create opportunities for them to excel in their own rights, right? 😊 Parent 1: