P6 English, A / 2017

I’m proud my method works, but this is no mean feat. It takes constant reminders and effort on my part to ensure my p6 students accept what I teach. It’s a different ball game from yesteryear. As children are approaching into their teens, getting them to follow you without questioning you is far and few. I need to come out with ways to bring my teaching across. This was my p6 boy. He was very confident he would score. Asked him why, he said he managed to predict 3/4 of the questions asked by the examiners and they nodded their heads and said ‘very good!’ to him. He was able to prepare beforehand and was confident. That’s my aim of my teaching. To be prepared and confident. He was convinced of my teaching methods and his learning attitude turns for the better. When a child holds ownership of his/her learning, it’s like a sponge, ready to accept and absorb anything and everything from you! (The right things, of course)