P6 English, P / 2017

With a snap of fingers, a year had almost passed, just like that. This boy is endearing, as he struggled through the path trodden by my past p6 batches. The same stress, the same frustrations and the same reluctance to undergo the exam that must not be named. Imparting social values and life skills, apart from the valley of knowledge are important to me too. I believe in nurturing the future generation so they can bring their country to greater heights. With this boy, I am glad he opens up to me and he appreciates I lend him my listening ear. He’s teachable and once he understands the reason, he will accept. Promised to keep what we spoke as a secret, so I am not letting the cat out of the bag. Another chapter closed. I will miss this boy. Pray he will be a great man of faith as he grows up. Looking forward to my next batch of p6! Each child has a different and unique story to tell and it is interesting to know each and every one of them. The only regret is I didn’t start this earlier, to capture the stories of my previous students.