21 Feb 2023

A cheat sheet way to get as many compo ideas as possible is to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ Shhhh….

Teaching children always give me inspiration and motivation to think how to improve their learning abilities and needs better.

We always have to innovate and adapt to the current situation. Now that my P6s are ‘complaining’ about the stress levels (which I forewarned them long ago and am tired of giving the ‘I-told-you-so’ look), I am going to change my approach.

Going through one exam paper over my skills and drills period, I suddenly thought of using the comprehension passage, an appropriate case study, and went through some compo ideas on the spot. It was not planned, but this is usually how I will execute learning. Whenever I think if that object lesson benefits my students, I will see through it.

This paper was taken from 2021 SA1 P6 Ai Tong School. After getting them to read the contents, I asked them what kind of compo titles they could come up with? A flurry of suggestions flooded the zoom chats, exactly what I wanted.

The next stage that I asked them was to suggest pictures that fit the passage, and again, they did not fail me. The final outcome shown below would be a perfect composition title that is ready to be written!

After giving the conclusion, I was satisfied with the outcome. My students were able to make cross-references and learned something new.

Mission accomplished! Two birds with one stone! The cheat sheet way!

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