2018 – Reproduction (p5)

Today’s lesson wasn’t planned, again. I had in mind to complete some work on Water cycles and cells, but SY told me her school started on Human Reproduction. I was a little taken aback, as cells was not even taught in details, as much as I wanted to. As teachers, we are trained to be flexible and adapt accordingly. Thus, I quickly pulled out my resources, which they have, and work from there. The first part of the lesson was some of their work they did (2 on their own topic in schools, and 1 on Human Reproduction). I went through some key concepts and terms, and off they were, in completing the activity in my Investigative Task Pack.

The girls were really curious about the birds and the bees, and for a short 1.5h, we did not go in length. Instead, I covered the fertilization of an egg and its process, and questions kept pouring. It was fun answering them!

Of course, what’s a lesson without doing work? From the extra notes given to the girls, they plucked any important key words and added into their work.

Good job!


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