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P1-2 English /Sports Week Sept / Sports Craft Writing

Time to get sporty! With the lingering haze over this period, it is a good reminder for us that we also need to exercise to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Hence, our craft for our Lower Primary students is all about sports! We showed an introductory video about the different types of sports played all over the world. It was an eye-opener for our students, as they did not know such sports exist! It is a good learning experience for them. After viewing, they created a story about sports and exercise, which they had to write out eventually. Last but not least, the highlight – craft time!


By Shirleen

We are serious about sowing the seeds of not only wisdom and knowledge into your children's heart, but also the seeds of courage and problem solving skills in this real world. We want to reap what we sow. Join us for some harvest time!

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