P3-P4 Science/6 & 16 August 2018/Monday & Thursday – materials & light

The Lower Block Science teaching delivery is always a tricky situation for all students in all Primary Schools. It used to be all schools start and end with the same curriculum, but with the ever changing rules from MOE, we have to adapt and be flexible in our lessons as well. At Sowing Seedz, we have tried our modular curriculum, and it has worked to our advantage thus far. As we all know that different schools now pick and choose topics within the designated topics to cover within their levels, Sowing Seedz goes with the flow.

For our Lower Block Science curriculum, we communicate clearly to our parents to inform us what their children are learning in schools so we can match their learning. With that said, we have designed a way to go about. There is always constant learning and revising, and students old or new, at any point of time, will still be able to benefit and not lose out learning. (Drop us a message if you are keen to know how.)

Back to our lessons, we covered Materials and Light for the 2 separate days. We believe in revising work all the time and our class got to do a hands on topic on Materials. After revising important concepts to them, they did their note taking in their Science Scrapbooks. We love how they interpret their learning with lots of colours.

The next lesson topic is on Light. The previous lesson was on Shadow Puppet Play. This time, using the same teaching concepts, but different hands on experiment – finding different angles using a fixed object with a torchlight. These question types are common in exam practices, and when our students see for themselves how the shadows are actually formed, they are able to THINK & LINK concepts more effectively! They had fun playing around the different angles too. Of course, along the way, we did the usual asking our students questions orally, to keep them on their toes.

After the experiment, there is always reflection time. Our students are used to making observations and recording of any kind for all experiments. This ensures they are applying what they had learnt, which we round off with seat work for them to complete.

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