Lessons Without Walls

All ‘Bout Desserts…

Dessert Part 1

Glad this was a family favourite. Simple waffle mix which is easy to fix. Accompanied by the 3 chilled amigoes above. Gone in seconds. 

Big boy enjoyed his almost weekly treat. 

Dessert Part 2

Saw a recipe that someone recommended using roti prata wrap to make into Apple pies. Tried it and tasted ok. I should have precooked the apple cubes till they were sticky before using them as the fillings. That was what I did for my Apple crumble. Anyway, the baked prata pies tasted delicious and it was really a joy to see my boys enjoying it. I will need to improve on the presentation though.  


My p3 nephew is selected to participate in his school’s GEP English. So the ever caring 姑姑 takes charge of his learning. I tried the method that I use on my p5-p6 students. I was impressed he was able to produce what I wanted him to do. Smart fellow! Runs in the genes! Hahaha… He was excited to learn English in another angle and he loves to use the iPad to read news now. Good job!

All About Electricity 

Did not regret investing in this educational tool. It’s a hit for my p5-p6 students, male and female alike! The guide book is easy too. I make my students read and set up the different circuits on their own, observe the changes and record their observation. In the process of having fun, they are recapping and tapping on their prior knowledge without them knowing at times. Mission accomplished!

Growing Crystals

Promised one of my boys to get him a crystal kit and he chose his favourite colour. Instructions are pretty easy, except the water must be really at boiling point to dissolve the crystals. My boy did the steps on his own, except the boiling water part. He was excited to wait till next week to see his crystals.

Another satisfaction

It’s a good start to get children interested in a subject matter first. The rest, can be filled in later. Once a child sees the reason to work harder, the child will be willing to take ownership. Take this sweet p5 girl. The mum told me before lesson started, her girl whined about being tired etc. But after lesson, she was willing to continue. Glad I am able to instil interest in her. Keep going!

Lessons Without Walls

Sunday Sundae

Did not regret investing in this waffle bowl. My love for toy gadgets in the form of baking! Pleasantly surprised the batter cooked pretty fast! Whipped up a pretty decent couple of waffle bowls. Should have gotten vanilla ice cream to show a contrast against the milo infused waffle batter. It’s yummy!!!

Sowing seeds…

My 2 dear nephews were excited about growing grassheads, which I promised to get for them. I did not go through the procedures in details and only did minimal instructions to them. They did 90% of work. I’m not sure if the plants will germinate by the looks of it, but it’s Science! I want them to learn by trial and error, and not spoon feed answers to them. If they succeed, good. If not, reflection is paramount to sharpen their thinking skills. We shall review their end products in a few days’ time.