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2018 – P6 Science – skeletal, diversity

It was the eve of Chinese New Year’s eve yesterday. It’s been proven my students had no mood for lessons, so I had to improvise. Lessons still went on for the week, but with added fun elements. Yesterday, I challenged the boys to complete as many Investigate Tasks as possible, and I put on the timer. Each time the timer beeped, they got to move on to the next task. Adrenalin pumping work, they complained. But they enjoyed it. Posting only 2 out of 4 tasks done, as these were the more nicer ones done. Haha. Blessed Doggy Year!

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2018 – Primary 5 Science – skeletal

Full house for today’s lesson. My Wednesday girls attended today, in lieu of Chinese New Year celebration. Still quite spacious the room. Hee. Talked a bit to the girls too. Since all here, might as well repeat my expectations so they will keep up to my pace. Told them once I do revision for prior topics taught, I would expect them not to forget, otherwise, it’s ineffective if I got to keep revising.

After the prep talk (nagging), they went straight to work and I covered what they should complete for their homework.

What is Science lesson without hands on!? The girls hooray-ed when I whipped out a stack of printouts for them. Talking about girls power!

Incomplete bones to set. That’ll add to their homework list, which I’m very sure they are glad to do.

English Fun

2018 – Lower Primary

Today’s lesson. Using Creative Characters to form sentences. 80% of the sentences were created by the boys. Solid results, I would say. Getting better week by week.

English Fun

2018 – TASER (P5)

School is testing the girls on compre open ended skills next week, so had to quickly arm them with some ‘TASER’ skills to keep pace with school.

Went through the different meanings in details using my guide book.

A thorough coverage on one of the skills. The girls spent the whole lesson on this, but it was well spent, as unfortunately, such skills are not taught in depth in school, or none at all. Sad but such is the reality of some schools.

Girls were slightly disappointed no Science experiments were done today, but equally enjoyed themselves over the lesson.

2018 – Lower Pri

The boys went through one actual writing today. They read the model compo and they attempted to form their own stories. It’s heartening to know they are slowly getting more confident to read, spell and write.

Words they could not spell, I used the opportunity to build up their word bank list. I jotted the words on the board and got them to write.

They took the initiative to want to present their stories. Good platform to practice their oral skills, so I let them have a go.

Their writing skills have slowly improved, especially R, who is in Primary One. He attempted to write out his own story. Still raw, but real effort!

Math time! R was happy he did not have to do model drawings. He was contented to complete pages after pages of questions not involving models. I decided to break the momentum to give him a confidence booster. Seems to work!

As for A, his model drawings showed improvement too. He told me school has started him on model drawings too and he is more confident as he has a head start. That’s great to hear.

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2018 – Yeast Is Risen, again! (P6 sci)

Oh yeah, doing this activity again. Props are easily available from home and I’m better prepared.

Instructed J to quickly pour the contents from the small cups into the 2 bottles of warm water.

Ta-dah! All set and ready to be observed!

This time round, I did not add too much yeast or it would overflow, like the previous experiment with E. This reaction is perfect.

It’s crucial to observe and record any information during the experiment, as most experiments are done ‘live’, so ‘seize the day, and record away!’

J asked if she was able to take a picture. Why not? It’ll be even more interactive and engaging this way.

After this, is the usual seat work till end of lesson.

2018 – Creative Writing (p2)

After completing 2 composition pieces, it’s time to let the creative juices flow! J loves it with hands on learning. While me, on the other hand, loves his creativity!

This was carried forward from last week’s lesson. After doing an oral presentation on the cards chosen, I got him to write out some descriptions based on the pictures.

His thinking corner. He loves that spot to think and create his stories.