Science Topics - Cycles

2018 – Clouds (p5 sci)

Prepared the lesson hands on for the girls. I added another variable, which was not in my original book. One of the original materials called for 1 glass of water, but I decided to try 1 glass of hot water, 1 glass of cold water.

The one of the left is cold. The one one right is hot. Both were then sprayed with equal amounts of shaving cream and same drops of green food colouring.

Both yielded different results. So cool! The girls echoed.

The girls got down to business after their curiosity was satisfied.

The usual seat work was carried on as usual.

Science Topics - Interactions

2018 – Rice & Food! (P6 science)

Today’s lesson. Rice and food. Pun intended. Not cooking rice to eat, of course. It’s for experiment! The first hands on was on frictional forces.

The trick to lifting the bottle with the stuck chopstick is that the rice grains need to be compact enough to be able to ‘grip’ the chopstick. That’s frictional force.

Boys trying to lift the bottle with the wooden sticks.

2nd experiment. Food web! Now that makes sense. It’s purely coincidental that today’s lesson seemed to be on good. Did a simple food chain explanation and quickly did a short hands on activity with the boys.

It was gratifying seeing them build a food web from scratch. Initially, they were not confident. As they took turns to stick an animal card, their confidence got higher, as they slowly understood the whole process.

It was messy, JY said. Precisely my point. Food web IS one big mass of mess, but it’s a beautiful mess. It’s an ecosystem, a platform that sustains life!

I wrapped up by showing them how one living thing is dependent on another living thing, and so on.

Science Topics - Cycles

2018 – Taking Up Space?

Today’s lesson was on investigating if solids take up the shape of a given container.

1st variable. Record. Observe.

2nd variable. Observe. Record.

3rd variable. Observe. Record.

Science Topics - Systems

2018 – Paper Lungs & Writing (p5)

Festive season? Timely for a splash of red for today’s lesson. My intention wasn’t along that line till I looked back at the pictures. They looked like 2 big red ang baos. I asked A & R why their ‘Lungs’ were red paper. Their answer made sense. ‘Coz our blood is red!’ And their further adds on was that the flowers could be the ‘air sacs’, and they could draw out the bronchioles and add them. So creative!

So off they went to sketch their ‘Lungs’ to show me before tracing in black.

We can see how strong R’s lungs are!

A demonstrated a clear image of how lungs breathe.

Both ‘lungs’ at work.

After the fun, there needs to be work done of course. They had to record their observations and reflect on their work. Seat work was also carried out to show me their learning abilities.

Writing news article. Usually I will get my students to flip, read and choose their own articles to write on, but since lesson for English is only 30min, I got to be flexible to adapt and create a suitable lesson for the girls. So far works well and they are quite fast to catch on. So for today, I picked an article as a sample for them to work on, and guided them on the W+H questions.

Girls writing down after going through with them.


2018 – Writing & Model Drawings (Lower Pri)

Nothing fanciful for today. Going through the usual routine of scaffolding sentences using thematic words. Today’s theme is on Forest, thus the words are related to forests. Their penmanship is getting better, I would say. Getting neater! They were happy not because they were commended on their neat handwriting though. It was because there were no corrections! Haha..

P2 Math is a little tougher for A. So I had to think of better ways to help him connect the dots. For an 8 year old, they may not know the concept of ‘Sue had 10 fewer sweets than Joe’. They would tend to assume Sue had 10 sweets, not ’10 fewer’. That portion needs a few more practices to get that right.

2018 – DART – Twist (plot) p6 writing

Exactly the news article I needed! Coincided with one of my teaching materials in my guide book. A crashed car. A cockroach. What a story! I like using news articles to teach students how to write creatively, yet realistically.

Challenging J to brainstorm a story plot twist and she really cracked her head.

I rejected her ideas for a few attempts as they were not impressive for me enough.

J did it for the 2nd round! Great job!

After the brainstorming exercise, she jotted them down as part of the learning process. Time zipped past but it was a fulfilling lesson.

I actually wanted to stop at 2 plot twists, but she wanted to try more. That’s a very commendable spirit!

2018 – TASER For Compre Open Ended

X underwent a weaponised lesson today – TASER for better marks in Compre OE. Taught X skills needed to take note of when tackling the final yet challenging section in PSLE English. We zoomed in immediately.

Round 1. I set time for X to complete within a certain time frame with certain skill sets. Not bad. He told me he did not pass in this section for P5. He’s happy there was improvement.

Round 2. To complete the rest of his questions within a certain time frame too.

As the lesson ended, X was more confident in that section, and he commented that his school teachers did not teach in such depth. I understand, as I had been there before. It’s very difficurlt to cover in great lengths at one goal, with the amount of time allocated in most primary schools. I try my best to teach X as much as he can absorb. Glad he left the lesson feeling more confident.

Science Topics - Energy Science Topics - Systems

2018 – Blue Black! (P6 Science) – starch, iodine

Went through photosynthesis today and it was productive. J was fast in memorizing the steps of testing a leaf for starch and could produce quite an accurate explanation.

Her ‘show & tell’, step by step explanation, as she called it. Hehe. Impressive, I would say. When J is focused in her work, she can really deliver results.

Prepared a tray of variables for her to carry out the experiment on testing for starch.

Dripping the solution carefully on the variables.

Observing, recording, evaluating, analysing. All the process skills that are needed for any Science tasks.

Final results, in black and blue. The cooked potato yielded a much more obvious colour, as compared with a raw one, which I did with E yesterday.

After the experiment, the usual seat work done by J before lesson ended.

2018 – Craft & Writing (p2)

J chose red as he said he is in the red team in His school. That was the only piece left too!

J started drawing, pasting and decorating to fill up as much space as possible.

Final product! J also spins a story about his craft and his ideas are fantastic! He really does have a wide imagination, for a p2 child, that’s commendable.

Show and Tell. J is very proud of his work and could not wait to show his mummy, he said. That’s so sweet to hear!

Next part of the lesson. His task was to find as many images related to what I asked him to find. Can you guess?

Time was up and he was half way through. He was disappointed he could not complete his task, but I assured him we would continue the following week.