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Compo Case Studies

Compo Case Studies

This compo Case Studies is packed with details on how interesting stories can be written. Read on to find out why!

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PSLE English Finale (Last Lap)




Founder of Sowing Seedz

The two main leads for this course are the C & C – Composition Writing and Comprehension Open-ended. You can say they are double trouble for most of my students (perhaps your children included). There are two parts to this course to address the Achilles' heels of many parents.

FIRST PART: Compo Writing

1) I will be using my GROW Your Writing Skills materials. Click on the link to read more. The most common gripe from many parents is the pain point of getting their children to write. I usually assess my students first before suggesting methods, and many a time, most students lack the first defense of writing – planning/brainstorming. They just skim through the question, whack a storyline (maybe this part is skipped), and start writing (lacking ideas thereof). In this scenario, one cannot expect their compo grades to be decent. Thus, I will be sharing a deeper analysis of how to make your child's story engaging from start to end. A sample is attached.

2) Story Plot Flow

Again, there are many frameworks detailing and teaching students how to plot their stories. To me, any forms work, as long as students take the first step to do a proper brainstorming. I too, have a few frameworks up my sleeve, but for this course, my pick is the most basic and simple one that I have used for my students, and by far, the most effective piece. I call it the Story Plot Flow, which helps students to formulate a story in double quick time. Thus, in my course, I will be guiding your children to brainstorm as many story plot flows as possible. 

One of my P6 students was frustrated as he was always faulted for having missing plot developments which pulled his contents down. When he came to see me, I noted that his writing flair is quite good, just that he lacked proper planning, which was why some parts of his compo pieces did not make sense. After aligning his thoughts with mine, he is enlightened and writes better than before. 

It is with the highest accolade that his effort is recognized by his school teacher, and was even picked as a sample compo for his school's!

3) Story Openings/Endings

Somehow, using flashbacks is a popular option for almost 90% of my students. I am not against using that, but if a child is capable of using other options to write, why not? On a case-by-case basis, I will assess whether a child can be stretched. If so, I will encourage other forms of writing to challenge their writing capacities. There are notes on different kinds of story openings and endings, so do encourage your child to try!

4) Kahoots!

I will be using Kahoots! to interest and engage them, so will require parents to have an additional device and prepare the application. It is a free download. Below is an example. For parents who are familiar with Kahoots!, this platform is effective to test your child while playing. I will be sharing different types of descriptive phrases – idioms, metaphors, similes, etc. This is to help them remember subconsciously, and start using the above naturally in their composition writing.


5) Comprehension Open Ended

No frills here. This portion is just pure, plain hands-on work. This section of the English paper 2 is also voted the least favorite component by my previous, current, and I dare say future students. However, if one grasps the essence of the answering techniques, it is also possible to score and do well! Using my Compre Open-Ended Flow (again), yes, I use the word 'flow', as that is truly the basis of good study habits.

Attached is a sample of my student's work, using my above framework. I will be using past years' papers for practice. Do expect lots of annotations and markings. My teacher used to say constructive mess is good for the brains to capture learning points. I believe my teacher, and now I am imparting this value to the next generation.

Interest To Register:

I am keeping this course to a maximum of 10 participants only. This ensures there is sufficient time to have a ’round robin’ discussion, space for each student to absorb and apply what they have learned, and ample ‘air time’ for the participants to engage with me. I will test them on the spot to ensure learning takes place effectively for them.

Course Duration: 5 sessions (6-10 Sept 2021)

Weekdays: Monday to Friday

Option 1: 9-11am (1h Compo, 1h Compre OE)

Option 2: 2-4pm (1h Compo, 1h Compre OE)

Option 3: 4-6pm (1h Compo, 1h Compre OE)

Course fees: $300 per participant (strictly limited for 10 pax only)

These are what your child will receive:

BONUS: Phrasal Verbs Study Sheets included!

Terms & Conditions:

As this course is specially designed for students who are really focused and motivated to learn and want to have a breakthrough in their scores, please consider the above dates, and ensure your child is able to attend ALL sessions before signing up. There will be no make-up classes, and no refund of lessons. Recorded videos are subject to changes, due to the PDDA law. Even if recorded videos are released, they will not be the full duration in case there are any sensitive remarks or unnecessary comments made by the participants. I will make the final decision and discretion. In any case, your child is unwell or unable to attend, I may make exceptions to correspond via short calls, email, or WhatsApp messages. More details will be added later.

Please, also do note that only the lesson notes/questions from my materials will be covered over the lessons. I am not obligated to answer any other questions from your child’s school/tuition work.

Payment Details & How To Secure your slot:

Send a WA to 91287376 with the phrase: PSLE English Finale to book your slots.

You will receive a confirmation when your booking is successful.

You will then Paynow $300 to 91287376 (Shirleen Tan) ONLY when you receive a message from me to confirm.

Screenshot your payment details and wait for the final confirmation.

NOTE: Course needs a minimum of 5 participants to commence. A full refund will be made if course is cancelled.

Course Materials & Instructions:

There are two ways to obtain my teaching materials.

Number 1: Google drive

A shared Google folder link will be sent to you once payment is confirmed.

Download the materials in the folder (students handouts labelled according to the lessons).

Print them out to prepare for your children.


Number 2: WhatsApp Chat

A broadcast list will be created, NOT a chat group for PDDA reasons.

PDF files will be then be dropped directly to your personal mobile number via broadcast.

Print them out to prepare for your children.

I will decide and confirm the platform to use once the workshop registration is closed.


As a final note, all my teaching materials in this course are subjected to copyright and strictly limited to use for this PSLE English Finale workshop only. My current students do not have these materials at all, so I hope you are able to respect this by not sharing the materials around.

Thank you for your kind attention, and I am looking forward to see your child!


Shirleen Tan (Sowing Seedz)

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Listening Comprehension Skills Guide PDF

Listening Comprehension Skills Guide

Many schools are shifting in their areas of test mode, one of which is testing students on their

Listening Comprehension skills. Attached is a more detailed Listening Comprehension

skills guide, not exhaustive, and students are encouraged to all more

details to grasp a larger variety of text types tested.

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Listening Comprehension Quick Tip

Listening Comprehension

Quick Tip

A quick tip Listening Comprehension infographic to learn and revise on the go!

English Fun Science Videos

P6 Forces 2019

English Fun

Nov-Dec 2019 Holiday Programme – English

Our English Writing is staggered into three levels – Lower Primary (P1-P2) / Middle Primary (P3-4) / Upper Primary (P5-P6). For this holiday programme, we made the decision to have all different levels come together to learn. We call it a Differentiated Learning, that means we will teach a similar content for all at the beginning, then break into the different levels to focus on. Many parents will question, is this possible, with such a diverse age group and different learning needs. We assure them that this is definitely possible, with our unique small sized classes. Each will still get our undivided attention. Our maximum size is 8-10. Nothing more, otherwise we cannot promise the attention given. We still are able to deliver quality lessons within a small group size.

For our Lower Primary, we focused on helping our students stretch a simple sentence into more complexity and layered structure. Our Middle Primary focused more on using mind maps to help them map and plan their story plots. Our Upper Primary has the toughest task – to flesh out their full writing skills within the given time frame. It was challenging, but they were able to complete their mission.



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Nov-Dec 2019 Holiday Programme – Icebreakers

Ice breakers are helpful to engage our students to communicate and be more interactive with one another. Social skills are crucial for a child’s development and we like to work on this aspect too, hence, we aim to have such mingling as much as possible. We had to think of different ways for our students of different levels and gender to gel together. To be honest, they were somewhat reluctant to interact, but when they had fun, the barriers were gone. That is our aim!




Nov-Dec 2019 Holiday Programme – Graduates

Life is never the same once something new is learnt. Thus, we are glad to present a gift of appreciation to our students who had enrolled in our holiday programme to enrich their learning. Coincidentally, the SEA Games 2019 was between end November to mid December, and our students were delighted to get their hands on their medals. And in case, any one is wondering, these shiny objects are not made of gold. Same colour, different materials. Heh. Nonetheless, our students gamely posed their medals proudly.


English Fun Science Fun

Nov-Dec 2019 Holiday Programmes

We had a successful holiday programme in Nov-December 2019 and we want to thank the parents who have unreservedly trust us with their children.

We did an expansive coverage of English, Math and Science, and we walked through the different processes of topics that we had planned meticulously.

Keep a look out on our subsequent blogs to learn more about what we had done over our holiday programme.