SBC Oral Sample 1

*Post PSLE Prelim English Oral*

Following our 3 tips shared last week, we talked about BIG PICTURE, INFORMATION and SHARING.

One of our p6 student’s topic was on ‘Returning Trays’. Below is a sample of how a student should prepare himself/herself while waiting.

1) Big Picture:
– moral values
– social responsibility
– every one plays a part.

2) Information:
W+H =>
– Where did/do I learn social responsibility before?
– What did/do I learn about social responsibility?
– Why did/do I learn about being socially responsible?
– Who shall I show social responsibility to?
– Why do I need to be aware of this?
– How shall I display such act?

3) Sharing:
– think of real life examples of yourself displaying such actions, like clearing trays, picking litter around the area, if any.
– if you have not done so, then just say so. Many of our students still think they must give a model answer. We teach our students to stay truthful, yet still able to hold a proper conversation with the examiners.
– For eg, ‘I did not return trays before, as most of the time, the aunties or uncles will have already cleared them, or my parents will do so. Sometimes I am lazy too. But, now that I am older, I will try to take responsibility of helping to return the trays.’ This approach makes the conversation more authentic.

We will share more oral tips. Do save and share around.

Attached is a video on returning trays for your eye pleasure. Our students had a blast watching that!

SBC Oral Tip 3

PSLE Oral Mini Tips:

TIP 3: Sharing

We love the new PSLE Oral SBC format, as it gives a lot of space for discussion among a student and the examiners, particularly sharing of personal experiences.

After you have prepared your W+H questions and answers virtually in your mind, be confident and enjoy the session with the examiners. Even if what you had prepared were not asked by the examiners, you would have already been warmed up by your own preparation, following Tips 1 and 2. Share as many of your own experiences and personal stories, that helps you to be engaged with the examiners.

For example, “I hope to learn rock climbing one day, as it is a healthy sport, and it helps me toughen up my will power and discipline. Although I think rock climbing is risky, I will still go ahead to learn if I follow the safety procedures carefully. When I was young, I was scared of heights, but now as I am older, I will like to try out rock climbing…”

The possibilities are endless, and we encourage our students to go all out and talk. This is the best “air time” for them to showcase their abilities.

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SBC Oral Tip 2

PSLE Oral Mini Tips:

TIP 2: Information

Once you have identified the BIG PICTURE, quickly recall and brainstorm information or prior knowledge relating to the pictures. Apply the W+H as a guide.

For example, still using the rock climbing activity, and you have identified the topics to be sports, healthy living, risks.

– Spin the W+H questions along this line:
1) WHAT do I know about sports, healthy living, risks?
2) HOW do I know about sports, healthy living, risks?
3) WHY do I know about sports, healthy living, risks?

– Have ready answers in mind to bounce back ideas with the examiners.

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English Fun

SBC Oral Tip 1

PSLE Oral Mini Tips:

TIP 1: Big Picture
We always teach our students to identify what the pictures are about. Observe the pictures given, then scale backwards to think of the BIG PICTURE(topics).

For example, the picture shows a person doing an activity. The activity is rock climbing. Think further and you should be able to identify the BIG PICTURE (sports, healthy lifestyle, risks).

Once you have narrowed your options, start predicting what your teachers will be prompting you to speak.

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Science Fun Science Topics - Cycles Science Topics - Systems

P5 Science / 23 July 2019 / Tuesday / Seed Dispersal

Before touching on Plant Transport System for our P5 classes, we always like to teach them on the importance of seed dispersal, how seeds germinate and how they grow. These are the basic fundamentals to understand how plants transport food, water and minerals. Learning should not and never must be rushed, just like sowing seeds. With that objectives in mind, we got our students some seeds for them to explore and play around, and to get them to recap.



Science Fun Science Topics - Energy

P3-4 Science / 18 July 2019 / Thursday / Heat & Energy

Every Science topic has a story to tell, and we love telling stories, especially in the form of visuals and hands on. For our P3-4 class today, we covered Heat & Temperature. We actually taught that before over the first half of the year, but we will always recap and revise the concepts to our students, just like telling stories!

We added a new element to our test for boiling point and melting point. Salt is an impurity and is able to change the two extreme points. We got inspired to add soya sauce to our experiment when a parent asked if water reacts to other liquids (eg: soya sauce) the same as salt. Good point. We got our students to predict and went ahead with the experiment. We almost got carried away when the soya sauce mixture added a strong, flavorful aroma when it was rolling into a boil. We focused back, did our observation and conclusion.

Refer to the last four pictures for the observation. What is your conclusion?


Science Fun Science Topics - Systems

P5 Science / 17 July 2019 / Wednesday / Electricity

Our second P5 class also had the chance to tinker around with the electricity materials that we had laid out for them. We expanded into learning conductors and insulators, which our boys were excited to search for materials to test out the conductivity level. They predicted, tested, observed and recorded. Slightly different learning outcome from our previous class, but we love the diversity of learning!


Science Fun Science Topics - Systems

P5 Science / 16 July 2019 / Wednesday / Electricity

Although our students were quite tired from their school activities, they would not say no to experiments. We find that plugging the gap which most schools are unable to provide, ie more hands on experiments for their students, strikes a decent balance in our students’ lives. Our P5s explored electricity once again, with some levels of diffculties thrown in. We love their interpretation of their work and by know, should know we have the habit of showcasing our students’ work, real, raw and unedited.


English Fun

P1-2 English Class 2 / 16 July 2019 / Tuesday / Pop Up Animal Craft Writing

Roarrrr! We knew we picked the right crafts for this class when we saw their responses after announcing what they were going to do. This class is an all boys class, and what more in common, is their love for dinosaurs! They could really rattle on the different names and species, which put us pretty much in shame. The best we can identify is the T-Rex. We started off with a short movie clip about dinosaurs, and we got right to work after that. For this class, we customized the writing contents to be the same for all, as we had anticipated time would be spent for the boys to share about dinosaurs. We did get them to read out the story on the big screen before writing down in their books, and they were to draw out their dinosaurs too. Check them out!