P3-4 Science / 18 July 2019 / Thursday / Heat & Energy

Every Science topic has a story to tell, and we love telling stories, especially in the form of visuals and hands on. For our P3-4 class today, we covered Heat & Temperature. We actually taught that before over the first half of the year, but we will always recap and revise the concepts to our students, just like telling stories!

We added a new element to our test for boiling point and melting point. Salt is an impurity and is able to change the two extreme points. We got inspired to add soya sauce to our experiment when a parent asked if water reacts to other liquids (eg: soya sauce) the same as salt. Good point. We got our students to predict and went ahead with the experiment. We almost got carried away when the soya sauce mixture added a strong, flavorful aroma when it was rolling into a boil. We focused back, did our observation and conclusion.

Refer to the last four pictures for the observation. What is your conclusion?

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