Lessons Without Walls

Festive. Fun. Fellowship.Ā 

While celebrating Christmas, let us not forget the real reason for this season, the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, the last Adam who came to save us all. Believing that our children will grow to understand that the greatest gift of all is Him. For now, they are contented to eat, play, enjoy. šŸ™‚

Lower Primary Writing Enrichment – Class ReadingĀ 

Last lesson for the boys! It has been an enriching journey with them and it is a challenge for me to cater to 2 different levels for the boys. Creating the materials took time but it wasn’t tough as I enjoyed it. I thanked the mums who entrusted me with their boys, which extends beyond just the holiday programme. Will be seeing them again next year. No wonder the boys said they won’t miss me as they would be seeing me next year. 

I missed the good old days of reading big books in classroom settings. Hoping to revive it later. (we didn’t manage to revive it, sadly, as time was just sufficient to complete the writing)

Got straight to work!

This time round, all the characters were used for the story. Seemed like a finale to wrap up the enrichment lessons nicely. 

Time whizzed past in a jiffy. And it’s time to say goodbye! Till 2018!

Science Fun Science Topics - Interactions

Of Shadows & SculpturesĀ 

Did 4 activities with my girls today. Had to give them a time limit or they will take forever to complete, as in immersed themselves in the fun!

Using puppets to recap on how shadows are formed. They were to weave a silly story about the puppet templates chosen and how were they related to Science.

Brainstorming their Science story plots.

Building a magnetic sculpture using magnets and magnetic materials.

Very creative these girls are.

Pendulum paper clip. Using magnetic force to attract the paper clip from a distance. They could feel the ‘pull, which was the effect I wanted them to feel.

Trying to find the different shadows shone at different angles. 

Managed to capture a few decent shots. 

Lesson ended in a flash! Shall see them next year!

English Fun

Lower Primary Writing Enrichment – Spinning Top

Lesson 7! Materials laid out and waiting to be used!

Recapping sequential description as the boys started painting. I think I was the white noise whilst they were busy. 

Boys chose their choices of beads to be passed on their spinning tops.

Flipped the other side and painted again.

Pretty lay out, isn’t it. The boys were creative to think of patterns before I added glue for them to stick on.

Today’s writing. 

Boys had fun competing and trying out their spin tops.

English Fun

W+H Writing Skills

Recent sensational news not to be missed. Made use of my English lesson to teach not only writing skills, but also current affairs, useful for oral conversation or composition writing ideas. Using coloured markers, we went through the W+H rules and pulled out the relevant information from the article.

Mind mapping done! Love the myriad of colours. It’s a very clear presentation of a summary of the article.

Made my student do one article on her own and she did a pretty decent job. The differentiated colours made it easier for her to focus and extract out the necessary information. 

Lesson ended with her end product. Lovely work!

Lower Primary Writing Enrichment – Shopping CentreĀ 

Good morning! Lesson time!

Lesson just gets better. Routine is there, they know what to do and they were ready for work.

 This time, I cut the templates into smaller pieces for them to arrange. They asked why the challenge and I joked that since it was lesson 6, so the difficulty level was Level 6. They totally bought what I said and they were serious, very serious. Ooops.

Brainstorming ideas came fast and furious from them. Victim today was, yes you can guess. Anders was gracious to volunteer himself to take the ‘fall’ gamely. So sweet of him!

Today’s writing was a longer than usual. One asked why so many words and one answered because they are in Level 6 now, so a bit more difficult. Haha!

Achievement unlocked. No homework writing to do! They happily munched their snacks before lesson ended. 

Science Topics - Interactions

Investigative Task

Started using my very own materials to kick start my p5 Science class. Recapped their p3 and p4 work. Revisiting is indeed necessary for children to retain what they had learnt.

Briefed them on how to use the materials and lay down my expectations. Lesson recap was on magnets and the girls were excited to make their very own magnetic bookmark. Creativity comes to play when time was given for them to design their bookmark with with the key concepts for the topic, and the results was amazing.

Oh yeah, Science is fun indeed!

Recording observations and firming their conclusion are part of the learning process thought, and this will tell me how much my student has learnt and captured. 

Reflection is a must for me, to allow me to understand my students’ inner thoughts and as a feedback for me too. What works and what not, to better improve my teaching pedagogies.

Next up, classifying animals. Not the easy cut and paste like what I will do for my P3 students. Same piece of work, but different ways to go about executing it. I challenged them to think how to cut all and paste in the tiny boxes. Took them some time to digest the information and attempted a few times of suggestions before giving my approval for the last one, ie, to stack and paste the animals and make them 3D, not flatly paste them. 

Lesson over and they bemoaned over the time passing too soon. 

Science Topics - Interactions

Forces RecapĀ 

Did a recap on forces. Cars and toy. Better understanding when hands on meets learning. 

Lower Primary Writing Enrichment – Seed PlantingĀ 

Lesson preparation for another day of Experiential Learning! 

Seeds checked. Soil checked. Pots checked. Water checked.

Went through the procedural steps with the boys before giving them space to attempt on their own, with my help of course.

Getting the boys to touch the soil to connect to their prior knowledge of how soil feels. 

Nice, good, smooth, rough, shiny, are their attempt to describe.

Water – the catalyst to jolt the seeds to life.

Slow and steady. Their response to my instructions got better by the lessons. Told them once on how to water the soil and they could remember without much reminder.

Scattering their seeds carefully. 

Writing time again. 

Final end product. The boys were so fast today. Writing accuracy was reflected in their written work. Taught them Science key words so they can remember next time. Never too early to learn!

Lesson ended earlier today and the boys had some pockets of time to play. They lamented why lesson ended so fast every time and were sad the holiday programme is ending soon. One asked why they can’t have lesson till night. Gulps… haha