Lower Primary Writing Enrichment – Class Reading 

Last lesson for the boys! It has been an enriching journey with them and it is a challenge for me to cater to 2 different levels for the boys. Creating the materials took time but it wasn’t tough as I enjoyed it. I thanked the mums who entrusted me with their boys, which extends beyond just the holiday programme. Will be seeing them again next year. No wonder the boys said they won’t miss me as they would be seeing me next year.  I missed the good old days of reading big books in classroom settings. Hoping to revive it later. (we didn’t manage to revive it, sadly, as time was just sufficient to complete the writing) Got straight to work! This time round, all the characters were used for the story. Seemed like a finale to wrap up the enrichment lessons nicely.  Time whizzed past in a jiffy. And it’s time to say goodbye! Till 2018!


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