Lessons Without Walls

3rd day, Kao Hsiung 

Interesting place with lots of DIY gadgets or toys for tourists. 

Decided to grab 2 for my boys to try designing. It’s a good Science lesson to do too!

Curious little minds. 

Gor took the red marker to colour his fav marvel avenger.

Gor’s ardent number 1 fan and follower.

Didn’t look red in the picture. He did his best to complete. I’m surprised by his patience.

Child’s haven: games!

Got tricked!

Having some serious discussion?

Jump shot!

Gor really did enjoy himself from dawn to dusk.

Lessons Without Walls

2nd Day: 高雄

Boys whacked the toys once they opened their eyes.

Toys again after their morning shower.

Thankful for family help to give me some respite. Good job to my lovely sisters in law!

Small one who just loves to be where the action is.

What gor gor does,  di di follows. 

Tea break and rest for the legs. 

I’m hungry too!

Their mouths as big as the fishes.

Machine was faulty but they played nevertheless.

This is funny!

Loving the opportunity to expose my boys to a controlled nature environment. At least they know how these animals look like.

Lessons Without Walls

26 Oct, Thursday, 2017Throwback 1st day

Trying to capture as many memories as possible, especially for this trip. It has been my husband’s wish to have the whole family on a vacation. We booked this period to beat the peak season, and it was a mad rush for me, packing with whatever time I had after tuition. Felt a tad guilty when one of my p5 kids commented I am going to enjoy myself while he takes the exam… oops…

Kai is super excited as he helped to pack the luggage into the taxi. It was the moment he has been waiting for after counting down for months. 

Small one clueless what’s going on but excited nonetheless.

Loving tender moments like this. Pray their sibling love remains for life.

Impressed with the kids room hotel in Kao Hsiung! Worth the money spent! These toys really helped to buy me time as I unpacked the boys’ stuff.

The  boys love them too!

Noah’s Ark blocks. Good quality ones too.

Toys at the side table too.

Almost missed this. Books too! I’m so loving this room!

I do love the bible given too. Adds a nice touch. Hope to have time to read.

Good night every one!

Thank you for the trust

Looking back, I did not regret leaving the fast paced school system of churning academic results endlessly, leaving me no time to communicate with parents and children. However, I do not deny that the environment helped to shape and sharpen my multi tasking skills, which is a much needed asset in what I’m doing currently. I am enjoying the personal engagement each time a parent seeks me. I love to be involved in each and every student I can, to encourage them to be unique individuals and thrive in their lives, be it academic or not. I really do treasure small talks like these, which helps me to align my purpose as a teacher, again. 

Surprise Indeed!

You know you’ve done something positive in a child’s life when the child requests to have more lessons instead of shunning them. This keeps me going and with the vacation over next week, I’ll be back energized and ready to serve my students better! Recharged and charge!

Fruits Of Labour

Another proud moment for me. I would say the battle has already been won before the actual ‘war’ has taken place. My mission has been accomplished. It has always been my passion to instil love and interest in a subject to my students first, before actually expecting certain results from them. They need to understand the need to have ownership of their work, before showing results. This can be compared to sowing a seed. Water needs to be fed to seeds before they can sprout, same goes for a student’s interest in mastering a subject. I always believe in interest first, results second. A sweet note to end the day. 

Unexpected Gratitude

A hardworking boy who truly deserves the marks he has achieved. He’s a natural go-getter and strives to aim for the stars. Even if he misses the stars, he will aim for the moon. Aside academics, this teen is endearing too, a rare gem to teach and impart values. This message to me came as a surprise today, under the sweltering mid day heat, warms my heart up a notch up. Truly humbled, as he was ftom my 2015 p6 batch. Children rarely express their thanks to others these days, and I do treasure such thoughts. It’s also a reminder for me to teach my students the need to be grateful to every one and anyone. Purposeful learning. 

It’s Been A Good Year

With a snap of fingers, a year had almost passed, just like that. This boy is endearing, as he struggled through the path trodden by my past p6 batches. The same stress, the same frustrations and the same reluctance to undergo the exam that must not be named. Imparting social values and life skills, apart from the valley of knowledge are important to me too. I believe in nurturing the future generation so they can bring their country to greater heights. With this boy, I am glad he opens up to me and he appreciates I lend him my listening ear. He’s teachable and once he understands the reason, he will accept. Promised to keep what we spoke as a secret, so I am not letting the cat out of the bag. 

Another chapter closed. I will miss this boy. Pray he will be a great man of faith as he grows up. Looking forward to my next batch of p6! Each child has a different and unique story to tell and it is interesting to know each and every one of them. The only regret is I didn’t start this earlier, to capture the stories of my previous students.