Thank you for the trust

Looking back, I did not regret leaving the fast paced school system of churning academic results endlessly, leaving me no time to communicate with parents and children. However, I do not deny that the environment helped to shape and sharpen my multi tasking skills, which is a much needed asset in what I’m doing currently. I am enjoying the personal engagement each time a parent seeks me. I love to be involved in each and every student I can, to encourage them to be unique individuals and thrive in their lives, be it academic or not. I really do treasure small talks like these, which helps me to align my purpose as a teacher, again. 

By Shirleen

We are serious about sowing the seeds of not only wisdom and knowledge into your children's heart, but also the seeds of courage and problem solving skills in this real world. We want to reap what we sow. Join us for some harvest time!

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