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Lower Primary Writing Enrichment – Crayons Upcycled

Boys were curious why the crayons were in the heating pan. Today’s lesson was on upcyling crayons. Again, they were real excited to get the lesson started. 

Instructed the boys to pick 5 used crayons each to mix into a new colour.

Beautiful mix of colours bubbling happily together, waiting for a new lease of life.

Safety first. Oven gloves are a must to protect my students from danger. Need to keep a watchful eye on them. They took turns to stir. Great teamwork. 

Colourful mess, waiting to be unmoulded when dried.

Sequential description. Recalling what was done over the activity. Tapping on their prior knowledge.

Building up to a full writing. They gave me their answers orally, I helped to firm up their writing skills.

Final product! Same same (used crayons) but different! (new image)

Before and after. Beautiful, aren’t they?

Show and tell! They were proud of their brand new crayons. Yay!

Science Fun Science Topics - Energy Science Topics - Interactions

Another Fun Lesson!

This little lady is just so fun to teach! Usually most children are reserved when it’s the first encounter with strangers, including teachers. She’s one of them, but once she opens up, the lesson becomes so alive! Shouldn’t I be the one doing that? Haha. 

Well, we ran through my standard hands on experiments and it’s interesting to observe how she thinks, through the lens of a 11 year old. Pretty good observer. I have done quite enough pre assesements to conclude that children are capable of thinking critically on their own, given the space to do so, which I provided, in terms of time. With adequate time given to them, they can really think and their thoughts really surpass my expectations. 

Getting serious when she needs too. 

I have to add this. It’s my first time hearing such a question. She’s so cute la! The iron fillings in the casing, she asked if I dig from the ground to collect? I replied that no, I did not. Probably the seller did. 😉

Self discovery when she has the time to tinker around and observe. 

Amused by the magnetic slime and kept experimenting with different variables. Lesson concluded well and hoped she is able to think critically and apply what she has learnt.

Science Fun Science Topics - Cycles

Critical Creativity 

Love how my sweet student interprets her work and presents it to me at the end of each experiment. I like to give my students open ended work with minimal instructions. It’s up to them to think how they should design their work and present to me. It triggers their brain cells and motivate them to think critically and creatively, which is sorely lacking in schools. With limited air time for Science in schools, teachers tend to spoon feed them with answers. I was guilty as charged back then. Hence, doing what I can to help students think and link concepts and connect to process skills based questions. 

Beautiful ‘artwork’, isn’t it? 

English Fun Lessons Without Walls Science Fun

Lion 姑姑(Aunt)?

Taught my 2 darling nephews when E1 was in p2 and E2 was in K2. I was apprehensive to tutor them as I can be quite strict in fleshing out my expectations. Had a few private messages from my brother that I was a tad harsh on the boys, not in terms of scolding, but in terms of work requirements. Yes, I’m a stickler for neat work, workings, presentation of answers and checking of work. But he sees the results at the end of the day. ‘Nuff said. My brother and sil were proud that E2 had 3rd in class, something they had not thought possible. E1 is smart too. I joked that E1 should start with me when he was in p1. Anyhow, I am sure E1 will do well in his p4 next year, under the claws of his Lion 姑姑. 😎

Satisfied with E1 sa2 results. His subjects all improved, pity the English in sa1. His carelessness caused him a lot of marks lost, but he picked himself up at the later part. My nagging reaped rewards, at least. I am happy with his Science too, that he has met my expectations. Math was unexpectedly exceeded my expectations. If he had done equally well in sa1, he would have gotten a position too. Keep it up!

E2 math was a resounding success. He did not like math at all and he did not like to count. Got to think of ways to engage him and get him interested. Efforts paid off too, as he hit the bull’s eye of full marks. 

Overall, both boys are smart in their own rights, just got to find the right angle to help them develop their strengths. My sil told me to continue to set the bar high for them. What do we have when a Lion Mum and a Lion Aunt add up to? 🤣 Kidding, we all have to find a balance to manage children stress levels too. Praying for wisdom to instil the right values for all my students. 

Lessons Without Walls

I ❤ Reading

Reading is part of me and I really love to read. I used to spend hours reading at home and in libraries. With this, I hope my children inherit this trait. For K, he wasn’t an avid reader when he was younger and I almost lost hope in him. 

K also told me my tuition room also looks like a mini library. Most of the books displayed are children books, which I hope he will read. Fast forward to now, he seems to enjoy reading and my hopes are high again. S follows what K does and it is a positive synergy as S has K as a role model.

Lessons Without Walls

Let There Be Light!

K told me my tuition room is like a Science centre. I’m proud to hear that and yes, I do like alot of hands on materials for my students to play around. There must be connection when learning and the best way to bring the lessons across is by sharpening their 5 senses. 

A simple tool, which I can use for several topics, like Energy, Light, Electricity. 

Too abstract to teach them heavy stuff, so they were contented to treat that object like a toy and imagine they have super powers to power that ‘glass ball’. Clean fun.

Lessons Without Walls

Spending Time With Me 

So Kai kept nagging at me to do an Oreo Milkshake, Which I did for my Lower Primary Writing Enrichment. Had the time to do today, and he was very excited. 

Look on his face shows it all.

Crush, Crunch, Chuck!

Blitz away!

KnS (not the hokkien vocab, in case you are wondering) enjoyed their Oreo Milkshake! Simple no brainer recipe to whip!

Lessons Without Walls

5 Loaves, 2 Fishes

Today is a special day as this marks the official day I am not opening my Saturdays for lessons. Feeling bittersweet. Bitter, as for those who are fellow tutors, we know weekend catchment is the best to earn, as most parents send their children for lessons, which was what I have been doing for the past 10 over years. Sweet, as I know as a mother, I am called to be there for my young hearts, to spend time with them, and to nurture their needs. It has been a struggle as personally, I am reluctant to give up my ‘黄金时间’, and besides cutting off my Saturday classes, I have to even cut down my weekday night classes so my boys can sleep early and wake early for their morning classes next year. Which means, a definite drop in income. I am prepared to earn lesser, as in the working world, you work less, you earn less. 

But God is really amazing. In His world, I found I actually work less, and earn more! Before you cast stones, let me explain. My tuition services extended from individual to small groups ever since the day I decided to keep to a certain time for work and certain time for family. Calls, enquiries, word of mouth, referrals, etc started coming in. Some come and go. But the actual numbers on hand are more than enough to match the current amount I am earning. This is my first time banding small groups of lessons too. But I am confident and prepared to take on, unlike previously. I believe God is preparing me for my next phase of journey.
Really love that God does make use of what we have in our hands and multiply them, so much so we have more than enough. Exceedingly, abundantly. Also, the courage to decide what to let go of, so He can give us more. For me, it’s the decision to let go of my night classes and Sat classes. I am blessed with more! Glory to God!

Looking forward to a great 2018 ahead!

Science Fun Science Topics - Energy

Start of P6 Work

Energy Changes

Using real life experience to bring across the lesson of how one energy form is changed to another. My p6 boy had much fun playing with the darts. With hands on, children are able to make better connections with what they are learning. Bull’s eye!