This little lady is just so fun to teach! Usually most children are reserved when it’s the first encounter with strangers, including teachers. She’s one of them, but once she opens up, the lesson becomes so alive! Shouldn’t I be the one doing that? Haha.  Well, we ran through my standard hands on experiments and it’s interesting to observe how she thinks, through the lens of a 11 year old. Pretty good observer. I have done quite enough pre assesements to conclude that children are capable of thinking critically on their own, given the space to do so, which I provided, in terms of time. With adequate time given to them, they can really think and their thoughts really surpass my expectations.  Getting serious when she needs too.  I have to add this. It’s my first time hearing such a question. She’s so cute la! The iron fillings in the casing, she asked if I dig from the ground to collect? I replied that no, I did not. Probably the seller did. 😉 Self discovery when she has the time to tinker around and observe.  Amused by the magnetic slime and kept experimenting with different variables. Lesson concluded well and hoped she is able to think critically and apply what she has learnt.


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