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Understanding Science OEQs

In our new series, we are slowly, yet surely preparing another set of quality Science learning aids for our students to do self revision at home or on the go. We are opening these to our non students who are keen to have the cards to study on their own too.

There are a few ways to study or revise. Below is a suggested guide. Do feel free to adjust/modify to suit your children’s learning methods.

  1. Read the question carefully.
  2. Highlight the key words as shown.
  3. Refer to TIPS – at the back of your mind, quickly recall what topic(s) the question falls under. That will help you filter the key answers/vocabulary accordingly.
  4. Drop key answers at the side of the question to guide with the flow of the answer.
  5. Finally, string the answers together to form proper sentences.
  6. Read through the final answer again before moving on.


Cycles - Case Study 1



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XYZ Learning Journey

This project was done last year. I love that my boys’ kindy incorporate simple Science experiments for the students to do at home over the holidays. As this is close to my heart and I have a weakness for Science experiments, I dug out the materials needed for the experiment. I read through the instructions and preparations with my eldest boy, and got him to pose unwillingly. He was impatient to start the shaking!

It was a good 5 minutes and more worth of arms exercising, with the daddy roped in to help solidify the mixture. The butter was a success! We poured out the excess liquid and quickly put in the refrigerator to chill. We forgot to take the final result though. Just as we were about to dig in to taste, my helper told us she forgot to sterilize the glass bottle. We had to dump the creamy gold with the boys protesting. We will try it again!

Lessons Without Walls My Other Projects

My Parenting Journey – Shirleen Tan

Name of respondentShirleen Tan
BioA mother of two energetic boys and one more boy in the pipeline (due in November), Shirleen is thankful for her mother-in-law’s help so she can continue her passion to teach and sow seeds in her students’ lives. You can find out more about her work at

What influences your parenting style?
Parenting is a life-long learning and every child is special and unique. As my husband and I walk through parenting for our boys, it is indeed not easy. We have to navigate suitable ways that work for our children, and not what that worked for me or my husband before. However, traditional methods like “spare the rod and spoil the child” is still effective for us to mete out discipline when we need to. I read a lot of parenting books, especially on raising boys and these give me insights on how to manage an all-boys culture. We embrace both traditional and western parenting styles, and we learn by “trial and error”. One thing that we are strongly against is to show any form of bias among our boys, which was largely reflected throughout my growing up years.

How do you develop close relationships with your children?
With discussion and support from my husband, I quit full-time teaching and turned to private tutoring for the flexibility when my husband needs to work late. This is to ensure one parent is with the boys to tuck them to bed every night. I make it a point to ask them about their day in school, to show them I care. This is tough, especially on some days I just need to hit the sack but they still insist on sharing their stories! But I enjoy these moments as that is how much time they will be young. I free my weekends lessons currently to walk my talk too. It is my desire to witness every growing phase of their lives while I can.

What is the best piece of parenting advice or guidance you have ever received?
No one child is the same, learn to live the “let go” life. I liken it to flying a kite. When I control the kite (child) too much, the string (communication) breaks and I lose hold (trust) of the kite (child). Learn to rein in and release the strings of the kite at the right place, at the right time, and the kite will soar high and confidently. That opened up my parenting perspective to a new level.

When I control the kite (child) too much, the string (communication) breaks and I lose hold (trust) of the kite (child). Learn to rein in and release the strings of the kite at the right place, at the right time, and the kite will soar high and confidently.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face in parenting? How do you deal with them?
One of my biggest challenges is teaching my own children. I confess I need a lot of sharpening in this area. I used to think being a teacher has its advantage, i.e. no need to spend on extra lessons! Yay, right? Nay! The hard truth hit me in my face when my then four-year-old eldest boy told my mother-in-law he did not want to come home. I am not a tiger mom (yet, I hope) – I merely insisted that he writes his name and simple letters correctly and properly. He could not differentiate between my role as a teacher and a mother. He was confused and he did not like it when I slipped into the teacher role. That made me reflect and in the end, I left the teaching to his kindergarten and focused on being a mother to support him in his learning. As and when he needs me to teach him to read or count, I will gladly do so, but at his pace and time. This is like the Kite Theory I shared above. It works!

As a parent, what is the one thing that you want to do better or be better at?
As a parent, I do have my blind spots, and my children can be my best teachers to help me reflect and re-align my parenting style.

What advice do you have for parents who have kids of the same age?
Listen to them. Kids of this generation are more vocal in their own rights, and they do deserve our time and attention. However, do draw a line between disciplining and listening. They are also smart to know whose heads they can climb over. My husband and I make it clear to our boys that while we listen to what they want, we make the final decision within reasonable boundaries. Set rules and stick to them. If the rules are not working, reflect and amend. Start over again till what works. For older kids, give them a chance to set rules so they have an ownership and will tend to abide.



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My Other Projects

2018 – featured article – shirleen

One year back, I was thankful for the opportunity to weigh my thoughts on how a primary school child is able to balance academically, and non-academically, and still excel. Part of my writing is featured in Little Magazine, and it was a way cool experience! Kiran was one of my students back then, and he is really a smart and adorable boy. I am so glad he is doing well in his studies. Loving what I am doing. Impacting lives. This is the reason for my passion!

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June ‘Holi-yay’ Special 2018

Dear parents, the workshop dates are finally out! As some of you and your children have requested me to plan something different over the holidays, here goes!

Just a bit of description, the 3 dates given for each level are intended to replace the 3 weeks of the June holidays. This was weaved in mind that some parents are planning to be away and do not want to miss the number of lessons, thus, a back to back lessons are crafted.

Taking a break from the usual routine of tuition is like a breath of fresh air. It’s good to smell the roses and do something different and fun!!!

Do take a look at the flyer and get back to me if you have any questions. Dates are fixed but subjective to the majority who cannot/can make it for the dates. I may change the dates and time to suit the demand as well.

For p6 parents, if you require extra lessons, it is possible too. Please message me and we will fix additional lessons for your children.

Last of all, for parents who are keen to sign up for the workshop, sign up now to get 10% off the total fees stated. (refer to the Terms & Conditions at the end)

Thank you and looking forward to have your children join in some fun Lessons With Me! 😉


  • Experiential Hands On Learning

– In this workshop, my students will be engaged in hands on activities and from there, they will learn to weave simple stories using their activities they had done. This workshop helps my students to build confidence in their writing, as they will be able to make better connections with what they see (important factor in writing) and how they write (grammar, spelling, vocabulary skills)

  • Story Mapping

– In this workshop, my students will be given an interesting story to read for every lesson. From there, they will learn how to brainstorm simple Mind Maps from the given stories. Next, they will learn how to create their own stories for each lesson. This helps them to be independent and critical thinkers, a necessary skill to help them cope with more complex writing in future.

  • Step Up English

– In this workshop, my students will step into a world of journalism writing. They will learn how to identify between factual news and fictional news, and learn to write short news article reports. This helps them to build and strengthen their writing skills and be better writers.

  • Step Up Science

– In this workshop, my students are able understand in a deeper level the different types of process skills used in exam questions. Equipped with this knowledge, they are able to answer what most questions ask for confidently. They will also learn how to mind map topics into revision notes for easy memory retention. Hands on experiments are also a must, as they help to connect with they have learnt.

  • PSLE English Preparation

– In this workshop, my students will learn the latest PSLE new formats in Oral, Writing and Comprehension open-ended. They will learn how to speak confidently, write confidently and complete their open-ended questions confidently through my tools. They will also learn time management tips (crucial in exams) and set goals (crucial to have ambition).

  • PSLE Science Preparation (3h)

– In this workshop, my students will learn how to score in Section A and Section B respectively, using my tools. They will learn how to strategise the paper to help them maximize their scores. They will also learn time management tips (crucial in exams) and set goals (crucial to have ambition). In depth experiments are a must to help my students make connections with their learning and they will explore topics from P3 right up to P6 for maximum fun and learning!


1.  This workshop is for meant for students who are keen to learn more over the holidays.

2. Fees paid are STRICTLY NON-REFUNDABLE (unless workshop is cancelled by me). Please check to confirm your child/ren’s availability before signing up for any of the workshops.

3. If any of the workshops is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, or if the minimum quantity is not reached, I will inform parents 3 working days beforehand. Full refund of fees will then be made.

4. Sign up now to enjoy 10% off total fees. Refer your friends to enjoy more benefits.

My Other Projects

PSLE Hub: 33 Days To PSLE 

Sleep deprived students, take note! 

My Other Projects

PSLE Hub: 34 Days To PSLE 

Eat Well, live well! Do note not all glucose are beneficial. Avoid high sugars like soft drinks, for example.

My Other Projects

PSLE Hub: 35 Days To PSLE 

Glad to contribute my 2 cents worth in creating contents for PSLE Hub, a strong community platform which supports parents whose children are taking their PSLE. 

This spans the first series of 35 Days To PSLE. 

Watch out for more!

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It’s Time To Say Goodbye!

It’s the time of the year again, it’s my annual tradition to bless this PSLE Survival pack to my beloved p6, as their early Children’s Day gifts. Academics aside, I need to take care of their emotional needs as well. As much as they have prepared for their exams, they need some tender loving care. It’s quite amusing to watch their faces. They could not believe a teacher will go to such lengths to buy and give them as gifts, with no strings attached. I tell my students I don’t expect anything in return, if so, just write me a card and that’s it. 

There was an ex student, whom I heard from his sister whom I taught as well, that her brother would display my cup of goodies on his shelf, untouched. He treated it as a trophy. I was pretty touched to hear that, but reminded the sister to relay the message that his brother needed to finish the snacks which had expiry dates. Another I heard was, my ex student got her mum to buy the exact snacks to replenish her stock. 

Oftentimes, we are too busy in work to notice the nitty gritty details. All these overworked students need are a word of encouragement and a pat on their backs. I will go through the note given to them. Being a Science teacher, I gave them the nutritional facts and they are happy to drink their favourite beverage. The Power Thoughts are important too. A positive mindset is the first step to success. Some prep talk is dished out as a chicken soup for the mind too.

Sincerely praying for my p6 to be successful in their own right, a bright future ahead for each and every one of them!