June ‘Holi-yay’ Special 2018

Dear parents, the workshop dates are finally out! As some of you and your children have requested me to plan something different over the holidays, here goes!

Just a bit of description, the 3 dates given for each level are intended to replace the 3 weeks of the June holidays. This was weaved in mind that some parents are planning to be away and do not want to miss the number of lessons, thus, a back to back lessons are crafted.

Taking a break from the usual routine of tuition is like a breath of fresh air. It’s good to smell the roses and do something different and fun!!!

Do take a look at the flyer and get back to me if you have any questions. Dates are fixed but subjective to the majority who cannot/can make it for the dates. I may change the dates and time to suit the demand as well.

For p6 parents, if you require extra lessons, it is possible too. Please message me and we will fix additional lessons for your children.

Last of all, for parents who are keen to sign up for the workshop, sign up now to get 10% off the total fees stated. (refer to the Terms & Conditions at the end)

Thank you and looking forward to have your children join in some fun Lessons With Me! 😉


  • Experiential Hands On Learning

– In this workshop, my students will be engaged in hands on activities and from there, they will learn to weave simple stories using their activities they had done. This workshop helps my students to build confidence in their writing, as they will be able to make better connections with what they see (important factor in writing) and how they write (grammar, spelling, vocabulary skills)

  • Story Mapping

– In this workshop, my students will be given an interesting story to read for every lesson. From there, they will learn how to brainstorm simple Mind Maps from the given stories. Next, they will learn how to create their own stories for each lesson. This helps them to be independent and critical thinkers, a necessary skill to help them cope with more complex writing in future.

  • Step Up English

– In this workshop, my students will step into a world of journalism writing. They will learn how to identify between factual news and fictional news, and learn to write short news article reports. This helps them to build and strengthen their writing skills and be better writers.

  • Step Up Science

– In this workshop, my students are able understand in a deeper level the different types of process skills used in exam questions. Equipped with this knowledge, they are able to answer what most questions ask for confidently. They will also learn how to mind map topics into revision notes for easy memory retention. Hands on experiments are also a must, as they help to connect with they have learnt.

  • PSLE English Preparation

– In this workshop, my students will learn the latest PSLE new formats in Oral, Writing and Comprehension open-ended. They will learn how to speak confidently, write confidently and complete their open-ended questions confidently through my tools. They will also learn time management tips (crucial in exams) and set goals (crucial to have ambition).

  • PSLE Science Preparation (3h)

– In this workshop, my students will learn how to score in Section A and Section B respectively, using my tools. They will learn how to strategise the paper to help them maximize their scores. They will also learn time management tips (crucial in exams) and set goals (crucial to have ambition). In depth experiments are a must to help my students make connections with their learning and they will explore topics from P3 right up to P6 for maximum fun and learning!


1.  This workshop is for meant for students who are keen to learn more over the holidays.

2. Fees paid are STRICTLY NON-REFUNDABLE (unless workshop is cancelled by me). Please check to confirm your child/ren’s availability before signing up for any of the workshops.

3. If any of the workshops is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, or if the minimum quantity is not reached, I will inform parents 3 working days beforehand. Full refund of fees will then be made.

4. Sign up now to enjoy 10% off total fees. Refer your friends to enjoy more benefits.

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