Nov-Dec 2019 Holiday Programme – Math

We do not advertise our Math lessons and the interesting fact is that we do not offer Math classes in our original plans. However, due to demand from parents and repeated requests (not that we are boasting, but it is more of the logistics that parents think of when planning for their children), we decided have a soft launch for Lower Primary Math. Our main focus is on model drawings and plenty of visuals. Hence, for our Math holiday programme, we get our students to play with Lego blocks and shapes to get their minds working.




2018 – Guess & Check (p1-2 math)

Taking a much needed break from an overdose of model drawings, they so welcomed a game I played with them for today. While I gave them a break from drawing models, I emphasised that it is not for good, they will still be drawing models intermittently.

Did a quick guess and check measurement game with the class. Gave them 5 items to guess and record, which they will be then given a measuring tape to measure the actual length and record.

Off they went to use whatever they could to measure and wrote down their predictions.

After predicting, they set off to use the tape to measure the length, width and height of the items. It was a great teamwork!

I had to praise them when one of them told me the tape was not long enough to measure the length of the whiteboard. I threw back the question and asked them how? They were smart to tell me to measure the maximum length of the tape first, mark it and then measure again. This, is what I call problem solving in the real world. If only schools give them ample time for that.

They even wrote down working to solve the length.

Final presentation of their answers. They did not know Math can be so fun and they truly enjoyed themselves.


2018 – Writing & Model Drawings (Lower Pri)

Nothing fanciful for today. Going through the usual routine of scaffolding sentences using thematic words. Today’s theme is on Forest, thus the words are related to forests. Their penmanship is getting better, I would say. Getting neater! They were happy not because they were commended on their neat handwriting though. It was because there were no corrections! Haha..

P2 Math is a little tougher for A. So I had to think of better ways to help him connect the dots. For an 8 year old, they may not know the concept of ‘Sue had 10 fewer sweets than Joe’. They would tend to assume Sue had 10 sweets, not ’10 fewer’. That portion needs a few more practices to get that right.