Science Topics - Interactions

P6 Science / 13 March 2019 Wed / Forces – Ramps


P6 English / 18 March 2019 Monday / Biography Activity

Same same but different. We did the same activity for two different levels, with somewhat the same reactions.

Teacher: Do you know what a biography is?

Class: No

Teacher: Do you know what are historical figures?

Class: No

Teacher: Do you know who Florence Nightingale was?

Class: No

Teacher: Make a guess.

Class: painter, singer, actor, dancer….

Teacher: rolls eyes

We then paused to instill the significance of historical figures of the past and why are they important to us in the present. After which, it was pretty much the same, complete the activity and discussions among one another.


Science Topics - Systems

P5 Science / 13 March 2019 Wed / Circulatory System

Not for the faint hearted. We introduced the Circulatory System lesson with a “heart” model. We were expecting to hear “ewss” but we heard “wow”. This shows they are keen to know more! This topic is one of the hardest and we cannot definitely be covering all within a day. We highlighted the important concepts as a starter to the topic.

Their interpretation of notes is still wonderful, especially their sketches. We did a simple hands on after the lesson, on the differences in pulse rates at rest and at work. They had a blast!


P5 English / 18 March 2019 Monday / Biography Activity

Post exam activity. We always like to do something different from our regular lessons, and we were glad we did. English language is like an art, it has to be appreciated over time and it is not a fast food language to master within a short period of time. We like to expand our students’ learning into different repertoires and variety, to make English come alive.

With this in mind, we came up with a biography activity for our P5s and P6s (another blog). We explained how to complete the activity, spent some time to teach on a few historical figures, and they were off to complete their investigation.

It was a meaningful lesson as they got to know the importance of historical figures and learning what a biography is all about.


Science Topics - Cycles Science Topics - Diversity Science Topics - Systems

P3-4 Science / 14 March 2019 Thursday / Seeds Dispersal

Post exam activity. Recapping on how different seeds disperse. We took out a sample of the different types of seeds to engage our students. We made it even more interesting by handling them magnifying glasses to observe the seeds in details. After which, they were to sketch and record down their findings.

Do not under estimate a child’s learning. Give him space to explore and he will surprise you!



P4 English / 18 March 2019 Monday / Sizzling Start & Backfill Writing

Composition writing takes time and effort to build up, and what we like to do is to expose our students to a repertoire of writing skills and text types to deviate from the usual and common writing usages.

For this, we introduced a new approach to our p4 boy, and we were proud he was able to catch on and did his own interpretation! The mother was puzzled when I showed her, as she shared her son was not interested in writing and his compo pieces were very average and common, according to his school teacher.

However, we begged to differ. He was very enthusiastic and eager to complete the activity given to him. We guided him on how to replace certain words to make the writing his own, and within two lessons, he was able to do so confidently, and he commented it was fun!

Thus, this confirms our belief that teaching has to be engaging and connect a child’s senses, which make them want to love to learn. Once they love to learn, they will do very well in any aspect.




18 March 2019 / P5-P6 Biography Activity

Simple English activity that I had done with our p5s and p6s. We usually aim to do something different over the holidays as a break from the usual classes. We were glad to touch on biographies of historical people, which only 2/10 know who the said figure was. It was a lesson worth spending to teach the next generation the past glories.



P6 English/4 March 2019 Monday/Vocab

What to do when exams are over? More work of course! Learning does not stop once a test is meted out. There are many ways to learn, not only through paper drills. For us at Sowing Seedz, we like to use newspapers to help students engage in their learning.

Vocabulary skill building is another weakness in most students. Using a news article of their choice, our students identified the vocab words, wrote them down and checked out meaning. We stretched their minds by getting them to spin their own sentences with a few vocab words in their work. This process helps them to think creatively and is useful when it comes to writing as well.