P4 English / 18 March 2019 Monday / Sizzling Start & Backfill Writing

Composition writing takes time and effort to build up, and what we like to do is to expose our students to a repertoire of writing skills and text types to deviate from the usual and common writing usages. For this, we introduced a new approach to our p4 boy, and we were proud he was able to catch on and did his own interpretation! The mother was puzzled when I showed her, as she shared her son was not interested in writing and his compo pieces were very average and common, according to his school teacher. However, we begged to differ. He was very enthusiastic and eager to complete the activity given to him. We guided him on how to replace certain words to make the writing his own, and within two lessons, he was able to do so confidently, and he commented it was fun! Thus, this confirms our belief that teaching has to be engaging and connect a child’s senses, which make them want to love to learn. Once they love to learn, they will do very well in any aspect. Slide1Slide2
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