Cloze Passages (p6 English)

Last week, the class used papers to learn synthesis and transformation. This week, they used the papers for cloze passages. Yup, learning can be that versatile and it’s exciting to see them link how newspapers can be linked to cloze passages. I guided them on the first round of the lesson. Find a short article and find 15 words to be used as fill in the blanks.

It was a good effort and after they had done the first article, they had to find 4 more and did the same too. After which they had to pick one choice article and do a show and tell.

To wrap up the lesson, I got them to exchange the work they had done and got one another to try out the cloze passages done by the individual. Now, they know it’s not easy to ‘set papers’.

Science Topics - Systems

2018 – Cells Under Scrutiny (p6 Science)

Cells lesson was the main focus for this last p6 class. I like how the classes are tailored to cater to the learning needs of my students. What works for one class may not be effective for the other. I’m thankful for the space to do it.

Got them to look through the eyepiece of the microscope and sketch what they see inside. Hard to follow instructions as students are used to give model answers. I rejected their work till they gave me what I wanted.

The microscope is not the detailed one used in labs and schools, so the magnification powers are definitely not clear enough to observe chloroplasts and other smaller parts often seen in Google images. And when they drew those, I know they are giving me textbook answers. Children need to be trained to observe what they see and record, not what they learnt and record. It’s one of the real world skills I’m helping them to sharpen.

Below are 2 examples of plant cells that they observed.

I can’t get tired of looking at these beautiful slides. Mesmerising to me!

Science Topics - Energy

2018 – Kaleidoscop-ing Again (p6 Science)

I’m so glad I followed what I think it’s necessary for my students to revise their work. My girls almost forgot what they had learnt in Light. Well, time to refresh and learn again.

One of tubes somewhat came loose and the bits came out. Instead of being upset, I used this opportunity to further open the tube and get them to see what’s inside a kaleidoscope and how it’s made. Education on the go. Got them to jot notes and recapped the properties of light etc.

E tested out her completed work and it worked!

Science Topics - Energy

2018 – Kaleidoscope Rerun (p5 Science)

Did a recap of Light and we played with kaleidoscopes and observed many patterns using mirrors, beads and more.

Lovely patterns of work, aren’t they?

Boys can produce great work as well. Check out their kaleidoscopes and notes taking too!

2018 – Dads For Life, again! (K2 English)

J came first and we started writing about what she likes about her daddy. Simple answers straight from the heart.

Soon after, her friend came and we did the craft together first.

J did hers first and we proceeded to practice her reading aloud.

Her work.

S turn to think why she loves her daddy.

I will need to record her reading aloud as part of the lesson.

2018 – Dads For Life! (Lower Primary English)

After a Mother’s Day craft, it’s time to do for dads too! It was an easy to paste on craft and they were really creative in pasting their final prices. Time was running as they had to complete their compo writing from previous week. They had no time to write about their daddies. Hope they expressed their thanks verbally. 🙂

Final work done!

English - News Articles

2018 – News Articles (p6 English)

I love using the w+h model to teach my 3in1 English pack. Will explain more in the next post. One of the 3 in 1s is the compre technique. From any news articles, one can easily find the w+h questions and answers with much practice. YT is a student referred by my dear Friend and she is a joy to have. Very teachable and sensible. Gave her a brief introduction of how to do and she was able to produce what I wanted.

I actually wanted to teach her how to search and find vocab words the following lesson but she was a fast learner, so I got her to do today. The rest of the lesson was finding articles and engaging in conversations related to school work and others. It is heartening to see the girls being comfortable with each other and at ease doing their work under a conducive environment.

Go girls!

Science Topics - Diversity

2018 – Materials (Lower Block Science)

Although materials were taught to them, it is important to recap and link more real life examples to help them cement their learning. Hands on task for them to compete first.

Not satisfied with what they had learnt previously, I went on to show a few videos and made them draw a concept map to showcase their learning. Pictures indeed paint a thousand words. When they drew, they could rattle off what the materials were needed to build this, create that, etc.

Look at how detailed their work are. Beautiful!

2018 – Character Cards (p4 English)

With the twins today, I did a quick test on how imaginative they are. I’m pretty impressed by how much depth they have! Never estimate a child’s ability to imagine, he or she just needs the opportunity to shine. Same procedures, give them a stack of cards, lay them out and choose 5 cards to share.

Show & Tell time. With the cards, they are to tell me why they chose the cards and how were they going to write a story on each card.

After their presentation, I got them to write their w+h models and craft a short paragraph for each picture. It’s really impressive to read their work. Do note I did not correct their spelling and sentence structures, as I want them to feel confident of their own work first. Editing comes later, which I made this known to my students too.

Great work done!