2018 – News Articles (p6 English)

I love using the w+h model to teach my 3in1 English pack. Will explain more in the next post. One of the 3 in 1s is the compre technique. From any news articles, one can easily find the w+h questions and answers with much practice. YT is a student referred by my dear Friend and she is a joy to have. Very teachable and sensible. Gave her a brief introduction of how to do and she was able to produce what I wanted.

I actually wanted to teach her how to search and find vocab words the following lesson but she was a fast learner, so I got her to do today. The rest of the lesson was finding articles and engaging in conversations related to school work and others. It is heartening to see the girls being comfortable with each other and at ease doing their work under a conducive environment.

Go girls!

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