Lessons Without Walls

Saying grace, saving grace

With 2 young kids in tow, the attention span and energy get somewhat lesser by the day. But I am so thankful that my 4yo boy asked me a question that levelled my energy up suddenly.

It was a usual Sunday. We had a great time in church and headed back home for lunch. Then out we went to run some errands. Tired and thirsty, we headed to an eatery that is child friendly. When K’s order came, we said grace and we let him to eat on his own. Hub was feeding S and me, resting my tired bones from baby wearing S. In an average setting, that was how we always do, except for that afternoon.

K innocently held up a piece of white object  (shown in the picture) and asked me if that was an egg shell. It looked like one. I took it and even bit into it. Immediately, a mother’s instinct shot right through me. Torrents of questions gushed out of my mouth as I grilled him. ‘Did you swallow anything like that? Was that the only piece? Did you bite any more of such objects? Open your mouth’. Satisfied that K did not ingest any pieces, I then got to the next action- calling for the manager. She was nice and apologetic through out. She replaced the order, waived that amount and treated K to a slice of cake too. While that was fine, I still wanted the management to investigate on the safety guidelines. This is an eatery popular with children, and I definitely do not want such accidents to occur. I am not naming the eatery yet. I’ve emailed the management to ask for an answer and will wait for them to get back. Failing which, I will proceed to share the name (seems it’s the most effective on social media platform) but I am not for it yet. That will be my final resort if they can’t asssur3 me that children can eat safely there.

On another note, I am thankful we make it a habit to pray and thank God for our meals. It is a real lesson for K as he nearly swallowed the piece of ceramic. I am thankful that K was prompted to pick up the piece and asked me. I was totally switched off during the meal and now thinking back, a tad guilty of not checking for him. Praying works and the power of God is real! Thank you Jesus for Your protection!

Lessons Without Walls

Lion Cub? 

I have not watched the show (Lion Mums 2), but it’s enough to know the direction of the story plot. It’s a real struggle on how far parents will go to ensure their children have a headstart ahead of their peers.

In case any of you are wondering, no, the above pictured are what K wanted do on his own initiative. He took out his books and instructed me to watch him count and trace. Probably he sees me teaching at home, and he started talking to himself, taking on the roles of a teacher and a student. It was amusing to watch him ask himself questions and answering them himself. 

Whenever he tells me he wants to have tuition every day and every day and every day, I do not know if I should rejoice or despair. Let’s wait till he’s in primary school and I’ll ask him if he still wants tuition every day and every day and every day. Thus, that’s the reason for me to quickly snap and blogged this for memory sake. In case K denied he ever said that in future.

And you can guess, when I showed the pictures to my hub, the first thing he replied was ‘Tiger mum’ … :/

Science Fun Science Topics - Systems

Electric Charged!

 My p5 boy had fun dabbling with the electric circuits and it was great to see him applying what he has learnt into practice. Whole lesson was on toggling the permutations and combinations of parallel and series arrangements… and more! Highlight was the spinning fan blade!

Lessons Without Walls Science Fun

Warm cuppa on a rainy day

A simple warm treat for my p5 kid on a rainy and cold afternoon. Mother and child braved the wet weather just to attend my lesson. Least I could do is to offer a cup of hot milo and a packet of oreo cookies to my student. These 2 combi snack/beverage are always a constant favourite among children, my own boys included. It’s actually my favorite too. 🙂

It’s a timely lesson and weather for my student, as I am teaching Electricity. The rumbling of the thunder and flashes of lightning make my lesson a real hands on experiential type of learning!

Science Fun Testimonials

‘Selling’ Starts Young

Interesting conversation with a parent. My p4 girl is such a sweet sales girl. Her neighbour is looking for a  Science tutor and she ‘highly recommended’ me. Such an honour! I hope I can keep up to her expectations. 

English Fun Science Fun Testimonials

Post Teacher’s Day

Boys are usually not the ‘writing cards’ kind, especially when they are in p6. So, to receive one from my p6 boy, it really tugs at my heartstrings. What catches my attention is not his appreciation of how great my teaching methods are(which are important of course), but how I made time to listen to him, and how he is willing to open up to me and share with me more on his school and family matters. I’m thankful I’m in a position to advise him. Teaching p6 is always a bittersweet memory for me. Sweet that lives are touched, bitter as I could no longer see them. Pray they will remember not only the lessons taught, but also the life skills I try to impart each time.