Lessons Without Walls

Warm cuppa on a rainy day

A simple warm treat for my p5 kid on a rainy and cold afternoon. Mother and child braved the wet weather just to attend my lesson. Least I could do is to offer a cup of hot milo and a packet of oreo cookies to my student. These 2 combi snack/beverage are always a constant favourite among children, my own boys included. It’s actually my favorite too. 🙂

It’s a timely lesson and weather for my student, as I am teaching Electricity. The rumbling of the thunder and flashes of lightning make my lesson a real hands on experiential type of learning!

By Shirleen

We are serious about sowing the seeds of not only wisdom and knowledge into your children's heart, but also the seeds of courage and problem solving skills in this real world. We want to reap what we sow. Join us for some harvest time!

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