Lessons Without Walls

Lion Cub? 

I have not watched the show (Lion Mums 2), but it’s enough to know the direction of the story plot. It’s a real struggle on how far parents will go to ensure their children have a headstart ahead of their peers.

In case any of you are wondering, no, the above pictured are what K wanted do on his own initiative. He took out his books and instructed me to watch him count and trace. Probably he sees me teaching at home, and he started talking to himself, taking on the roles of a teacher and a student. It was amusing to watch him ask himself questions and answering them himself. 

Whenever he tells me he wants to have tuition every day and every day and every day, I do not know if I should rejoice or despair. Let’s wait till he’s in primary school and I’ll ask him if he still wants tuition every day and every day and every day. Thus, that’s the reason for me to quickly snap and blogged this for memory sake. In case K denied he ever said that in future.

And you can guess, when I showed the pictures to my hub, the first thing he replied was ‘Tiger mum’ … :/

By Shirleen

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