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2018 – Character Cards (p4 English)

With the twins today, I did a quick test on how imaginative they are. I’m pretty impressed by how much depth they have! Never estimate a child’s ability to imagine, he or she just needs the opportunity to shine. Same procedures, give them a stack of cards, lay them out and choose 5 cards to share.

Show & Tell time. With the cards, they are to tell me why they chose the cards and how were they going to write a story on each card.

After their presentation, I got them to write their w+h models and craft a short paragraph for each picture. It’s really impressive to read their work. Do note I did not correct their spelling and sentence structures, as I want them to feel confident of their own work first. Editing comes later, which I made this known to my students too.

Great work done!

By Shirleen

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