XYZ Learning Journey

This project was done last year. I love that my boys’ kindy incorporate simple Science experiments for the students to do at home over the holidays. As this is close to my heart and I have a weakness for Science experiments, I dug out the materials needed for the experiment. I read through the instructions and preparations with my eldest boy, and got him to pose unwillingly. He was impatient to start the shaking!

It was a good 5 minutes and more worth of arms exercising, with the daddy roped in to help solidify the mixture. The butter was a success! We poured out the excess liquid and quickly put in the refrigerator to chill. We forgot to take the final result though. Just as we were about to dig in to taste, my helper told us she forgot to sterilize the glass bottle. We had to dump the creamy gold with the boys protesting. We will try it again!



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