P3,4,5,6 Science / 6 June 2019 Thursday / Celery Stalks & Magnets

We planned another round of experiments for our combined Science classes to observe the plant transport system and how magnets attract magnetic materials. Using the stalks of the humble and healthy vegetables, we explained how plants are able to transport water from the stems to the other plant parts. Check out the coloured parts on the top of the stalks. What do you observe?

For the latter part of the experiment, the class was asked how to “fish” out the paper clips in the cup of water without using their hands to pick. They only have a magnet to help. Naturally, when you show children the tools, they are able to tell you how. We made this a competition to see who were able to “fish” out the most paper clips within 5 seconds. For our P6s, we cut the time to 2 seconds!

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