P6 Science / 7 June 2019 Friday / Experiments b2b

Yeap, we allowed our P6 to have their medley of experiments when they requested, but we covered the important and necessary topics before the fun. It was also a full house for our P6 boys and girls. Each time there is a holiday, we merge the genders together for some interaction.

There were a total of 4 experiments. First was on the Digestive System, where they got to observe the effects of the soft drink “dissolving” the crumbs. Second was on Life Cycles, where they got to observe the embryo and other parts of the egg and recapped on the topic. The third experiment was on Energy Changes, where they had to use their erasers to recap on the topic as they were competing to win the country flag erasers. It was not easy as they were obviously distracted by wanting to win! The last experiment was also on Energy Changes, using a paper aeroplane. Even our girls could fold a paper plane and make a decent flight landing!

It was always fun observing how competitive the genders are, in a good, clean and fun way!


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