P3,4,5 Science / 10 June 2019 Monday / Crayons, Electricity

We are not going to paint a rosy picture of our students enjoying our lessons all the time. For the experiment on upcycling crayons, which the students were supposed to observe the melting of used crayons to be transformed into new ones. The process – melting of the crayons got them to pinch their noses. Yeap, the smell was unpleasant and the complains came fast and furious. We still went ahead and got them to observe, pinched noses and all. Once the air cleared, and the students settled down, we asked them for their observation. True enough, some told us the smell was “horrible” and “disgusting”. We had to keep a straight face and went on to explain the reasons behind that, using the States of Matter topic to run through concepts and key Science vocabulary to use.

The next experiment was more controlled. They were excited to see how a bulb lights up and they took turns to connect the switch to witness the connection.

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